Can You Be My Secretary?

To whom it concerns,

I am looking for a full time head secretary with the skills and demeanor to strengthen the company. The chosen candidate will comply to the following company dress code and will have the skills described below to serve the office personnel to the utmost. The secretary is the front person in the office and in order for an office to be successful, everyone in the office must be satisfied and happy. A happy office is a productive office.

The dress code is very important and is to be strictly observed. Suggestions to Improve to the dress code are welcome, but I have the final say as to whether they are to be incorporated. The dress code is as follows:

All women are to wear skirts or dresses. Hemlines are not to extend below the wrists when arms are at rest at your side. Pantyhose or any type of underwear are not allowed. Thigh high nylons are allowed, but not required.

Dresses, Blouses, and tops are to be worn without bras and must show cleavage. All tops worn with skirts are to show midriff. Linings are not allowed. If you find something that you love that meets the dress code but is lined, the lining must be cut out. Only one button is allowed to be used on button front blouses. Shear clothing is encouraged and may be rewarded.

Shoes must have a 5 inch minimum heel.


This is a busy office and the chosen candidate will be very busy. The candidate is to be available to serve all office personnel if and when they request assistance. Also, there may be times when the candidate will need to serve many office personnel during team meetings.

Many of our clients are construction workers whom have certain preconceived negative ideas about office workers. The candidate is to welcome our clients and treat them with the finest hospitality. Make sure they will remember us and want to return often.

First and foremost the candidate is to serve me, the Boss. There may be times when I will need an assistant on business trips, daily visits to the gym, and private meetings in my office. The chosen candidate will be available to work late if necessary.

The more intimately close and personal the candidate is with the clients, office personnel, and me, the more the candidate will be rewarded.

If you believe that this is the job for you, please respond below with convincing evidence as to why. I will select a candidate after all responses are reviewed.


The Boss
ubecha ubecha
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 10, 2013

I like to conduct interviews with those that sound fun to interview, and you have started to convince me that you could be FUN. I thoroughly enjoyed your description of the attire that you plan to wear for potential clients as well as our interview. I think it is perfect. If you show me what you can do, I will happily let you decide what clients you would like to serve, big or small, fun or boring. I hope that it doesn't bother you that the corner booth is elevated and strangers can see under the table and maybe more if you sit at the right angle. Of course, if you are modest, I would be happy to personally place a napkin in your lap, but once my hand is resting in your lap, it may be too much to resist the urges to explore. Oh, this may be too much. What if someone was watching? I would certainly respect any resistance, but if I didn't receive any, it may go further. What if the waiter came by, and could see through the glass table? This seems to be a bit more than sipping from the same glass, however, I like that too. ;-)