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Hot Night

We were playing with eachother discretely when my husband climbed into bed. Once we heard him start snoring, I lifted a leg and put it over him. He poked me slowly, and once he got tired of only ******* me with the tip he climbed on me. His **** parted my wet lips with ease. I moaned. My husband still didnt wake up. When he was close he whispered in my ear and I arched my hips. He emptied out his load into me and rolled off of me to go to bed. I copied him with all of the wetness between my legs...
Isobellachloe Isobellachloe 18-21, F 20 Responses Sep 8, 2012

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You naughty girl.

Please ad me

My now wife gave me a ******* when her then hubby was on the floor in front of us watching tv

I want to *** on your face

This story is king

MMMMMMMMM lucky friend..................

My girlfriend and I make love in the bedroom while her hubby is in the living room with their 2 year old.

Yes. Yes, we do. And I want you.... so bad. :)

Take my **** also then

Im the same like you, maybe more bad than you...please add me! <3

Would have loved doing that with you!!!

******* wow I arched cummming to that add me please

Thank you for all your hearts mmm so awesome

so hot story please add me

Very HOT story!... Love it!

Thanks for sharing it ;-)

that is so ******* hot! i love it!

Love a naughty girl

Great story. Did u husband know? U hubby lucky!! Please add me!!!

My wife has also done that when her boyfriend passed out next to her

Wow very nice and exciting story, time to time I have ****** my Kerri in our bed with my wife in it.

That's called a "slow screw". So gentle and slow it doesn't awaken anyone nearby!!

awesome....wish it was me

That was a pretty good story. I would have like to hear how it all started, felt like I came in in the middle of a movie and not sure what was going on.