******* The Hot Staffer

Years ago I had a small group of employees with all being men, except for one woman...an extremely sexy woman...who dressed professionally, but her figure still showed through. It was extremely difficult not to sneak peeks down her shirt and of her *** and legs. After a while I would slightly put my hand on her back or graze her hand as if I needed the mouse with some pretext of showing her something on the computer. One night after a work party she needed a ride home and I started openly caressing her hand during the ride. She did not say anything then or after, but she finally knew that I wanted more.

So one Friday at the office, I was talking to her about some 2nd floor renovations and she said she would like to see. There was some excitement in the air, but we did not say anything else. I escorted her downstairs and proceeded to place my hands on her back and arms so I direct her around the floor. At the end of the tour, I held her arms gently, pulled her into an embrace and kissed her neck and cheek. She said she could not kiss me and it put the moment on hold. I escorted her back upstairs and I thought that would be the end.

However, as I was leaving for the day as most folks had already done so, I passed her office. She asked me to come in and to close the door. I expected her to tell me that she was not interested in anything further, but she held out her arms. I walked toward her and held her again. I began running my hands over her back and sides and started kissing her neck again. That went on for a while and I heard her say 'What the hell' and when I looked at her, she brought her lips to mine for the most wonderfully passionate kiss. Our kissing was a mixture of gentle kisses, lip nibbling and tongue probing madness. I did not want to stop and my hands continue to wander. I grabbed her tight *** through her skirt and she kissed me harder. I raised my hands to her breasts and felt them through her blouse. I ran my fingers over her neck down to the first button of her blouse. I slowly began to unbutton her to reveal a extremely sexy lace black bra (an extreme weakness for me).

I finished pulling her blouse apart and started kissing from her neck down to the top of the bra while I kneaded her medium sized, but perfected proportioned, breasts. While continuing to kiss her chest, I lowered my hands to below her hem line and began feel her smooth stocking-less legs. I went higher under her skirt and felt her *** for the first time. I learned that she always worn thongs or nothing at all to avoid panty lines....I told her how I appreciated that and got a chuckle.

That pause allowed me to place a chair in front of the door in hopes of preventing anyone from coming in during what I was planning. I moved her over toward the newly placed chair. I hiked up skirt and sat her in the chair and proceeded to remove her “black” thong...oh joy.

My gaze proved that she was a natural blonde. I knelt before her and deliberately pushed her knees apart. She looked down at me and scooted her *** toward me and I lowered my mouth to the areas above her knees. I kissed and licked from one side to the other savoring the smoothness of her creamy thighs. I ran my tongue up further till I tasted the tangy flavor of her ***** juices that had started to leak from her ****. I lapped up her juices and moved my tongue to her ***** lips and dove into her hotness. Her breathing went from faint to rapid to gasping as I continued to alternate between licking her labia and trying to **** her with my tongue. I was in the heavens and she sounded like she was on a higher cloud.

I moved up to her **** and gently licked it up and down and side to side, loving how firm it was from her excited state. The taste was intoxicating. I licked and sucked on her for several minutes until she began to push her **** against my face. I grabbed on to her *** and sucked harder as she began to grunt out approving breathes. She reached her ****** and forced herself to stifle her scream, but it still sounded too loud if anyone was still in the office.

She allowed herself to calm down and then pushed me backwards. I rose to my feet. We kissed more and I fed my juice cover tongue and lips to her. I remember how soft her lips were and realizing that I would have been happy to end our first encounter that way. She had other ideas. She continued to push me backwards. She reached down. She unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants and unzipped me. She yanked my pants and boxers down to the floor and pushed me into the other chair behind me. Without a word she knelt down in front of me and took my **** into her month. It had been over ten years since I had had someone suck my **** as my wife was not interested in that. She proceeded to lick the underside of my head and feel my balls with her hand. She would then bob her head up and down taking me deeper into her month. She continued this, going back and forth between the methods until my **** was so hard and could feel my balls ready to explode. I was moaning louder and she quickened her pace until I erupted into her mouth. She swallowed all of my *** and licked her lips with a smile.

I sat there gathering myself and then realizing the compromising position we were both in we got dressed. I did kiss her a few times more and told her how beautiful and fantastic she was. She knew I meant every word by the smile on my face. We walked out together not talking about what had happened and not saying it would happen again, but it did for over six months. Sadly, as often the case, with us both being married, it became too hard to continue and even strained because it could not be more.

I believed at the time, that if we had met before we were married, we would have gotten together at least for a while longer. But even so, it is a wonderful memory of a time with a incredibly hot and sensuous women.
johnquaker johnquaker
Dec 4, 2012