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Me,gf And Old Boy From The Pub.

When my wife was my gf (17) we were drinking at a local pub and got chatting to an old man of 72 (as we found out later). He had just started drinking there as his beloved local had been turned into a restaurant. He was a bit of a comedian,and we were having a good laff. George was his name,and he took quite a shine to my Janine,telling her how beautiful she was,stroking her face and slapping her thighs,etc. Anyway,g offered to buy us a drink,and when he went to the bar,I said to J,touch his legs etc. when he touches you,play him up a bit! She was game! The dirty little thing! Hehe! So,when he came back that's exactly what transpired. When I came back from the loo they were quite cosy in the corner,I noticed they had their hands on each others thighs! I decided to up the ante,and invited G back to ours for a TOT. So,when we got back,I asked G if he wanted to watch and **** as me & J ******. As u can imagine,G was well up for it,and we all went to the bedroom,******** and I started to **** J,G wanking away. I said to J '**** him' which she did,and when I'd shot my bolt,I rolled off and invited G to take my place! What a wonderful sight! A 72 yo man ******* my 17yo gf!!! Since then she has enjoyed many an old ****!
Stallion66 Stallion66 51-55, M 41 Responses Jul 13, 2012

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I'd love to add my **** to your experience list!

Join the very long queue mate. She is georgeous

You are good and generous.

She must have made the old lads year!

She sounds just right for me how old is she now. Are you still up for it.

well that is a little crazy

Damn you're a generous man! What were your gf first impressions of this guy?

She thought he was a sweet old man,she's got a fetish for wrinkly old men! N I love watching them enjoy her!!!

well, there should be a good supply of them for her. And I'm sure each one enjoys her immensely!

very hot

I'm 60. Is that old enough? Hehe

wow I found that storey a very big turn on so i found myself have a good ************ section and cam big time hehe

Cool! Love to hear more of your experiences

love this story



Wish I was there to see this.. Bet he had the time of his life and could teach you guys new tricks.

oh, yes, I was a little older, just over 18 and away from home, I had a same age bf. but took up with an much older man who gave me a real education, even shared me with a friend of his a few times. sexy story.

Mmm! Like to hear that story x

Great story what a lucky guy

Great experience! Lucky old bloke!

Great story and a lucky couple you are, I love old men and long for the day I get ****** by a guy in his 70's

who cares how old you are biggulp88,it is a good story.

Cool story!

very nice ....i think i would have sucked you while ******* her :)<br />
Thanks for the invite

Very hot story, can't wait to read more about your wife's adventures

Hot story , I'm 20 years older than my wife so I can relate . Well done

nice story

Great story, wish I knew you guys , would love to be #2 to **** her, love to watch, but love more to **** her, an eat *****

LOL Great story hun :) Thanks for sharing xx

Interesting story ! I must admit that when I look for a FWB, I look for a YOUNG guy who has the stamina I desire.....While I am not interested in such a situation, I am glad it was fun for you all !

wow hot story, did he lick her first?

Not that 1st time no! Just slid in!

totally hot..and ur wife is very special ur a lucky guy

great little story, lucky ol guy,, thanks for sharing