Drunken Pre-wedding Sex

I remember the night before my wedding to my first wife. We had a big party, with all of our friends and family present, and it was a great time.

My ex-wife and I had decided that her brother would be the best man, and we got on pretty well. At the end of the night, almost everyone had gone home and my ex-wife had decided to go to her room and stay there with her friends, while i was to leave and go sleep at her brother's place.

I went home with her brother and when we got there, we decided to carry on drinking and having a laugh. I sat on his sofa with him, and after a little while he said he was going to go and have a shower. I decided to turn the TV on and started watching an old film. 10 minutes later he came back, naked except for a small towel wrapped round his waist. He sat next to me and asked me if i wanted to shower as well. So I decided to go along with it. I showered and came back to site next to him on the sofa.

The first thing that I noticed was that his **** was hard and sticking upright against his towel, and he had his hand resting around the base. He looked at me, noticing that I had seen his erect ****, and smiled. I nervously smiled back and looked at the TV. Then I noticed he was watching bisexual ****, with 2 guys ******* while the receiver was eating some hot girl's ***** out. I was mesmerised by the screen, and soon I was becoming excited too.

A very short time later my soon-to-be brother-in-law pulled away his towel and started to **** slowly in front of me. It was the first time I had seen his ****, and it looked very big, hard and inviting. He noticed me staring at him, and he asked me if I wanted to suck it for him. I had lost my inhibitions after drinking so much, so I leaned over him and started to lick his shaft and suck on his ****. He started to moan loudly, andpulled my towel away, so that he could probe my arse with his fingers. He told me that he had wanted this to happen for a long time, and that now he was going to be my brother-in-law, he wanted us to become closer. I continued to suck him hard as he fingered my arsehole, until he stiffened up and I felt a huge wave of hot ***** hit the back of my throat. I carried on sucking him, milking his **** with my mouth and hand, while he had a finger inside me and his other hand was forcing my head deep onto his ****. I swallowed all of his load, and then he gave a big sigh and slumped back onto the couch with a beer in his hand. I finished cleaning up with my mouth and joined him with a beer.

We looked at each other and smiled, and carried on drinking while watching the bi **** video. But soon we were both very horny again, and he was once again big and erect. He turned to me and asked me if I fancied a ****. I was shocked but said yes anyway. I just wanted to have sex with this horny stud. He asked me to straddle him on the sofa, so I got on top of him, and positioned his **** strategically under my tight hole, and after wetting his **** with my saliva, I gently lowered myself onto him, sliding up and down slowly until his head 'popped' inside me. we both gave out a sigh, and I sat there for a few moments, savouring the sensation of my soon to be brother-in-law's **** inside my arsehole.

Then I started to move up and down slowly on top of him, lengthening my stroke all the time. It wasn't long before he was totally inside me, his big hard **** completely in me. He was absolutely balls deep in me, and I was loving the sensation. The tip of his **** was touching something deep inside me, and the feeling drove me wild. I gyrated my hips while sliding up and down on top of him, with his hands on my hips and his balls slapping against my arse cheeks. I wanted to feel totally liberated and feminine at that point, and moved my hands up to my head and placed them either side of my head, as I grinded up and down on him. By this time he had one hand on my hip and the other on my big erect ****, wanking me off. He told me that now he was ******* me he had decided that I was good enough for his sister and that he'd let me marry her without any problems at all, and that he was expecting regular sex from me from now onwards. This made me feel very naughty and excited, and I continued to **** his big ****, moaning loudly and making him groan and sigh with pleasure. It wasn't long before he came heavily; he let out a huge groan and his big **** pulsated, as he pumped what seemed like endless reams of *** deep into my arsehole. The feeling was amazing, and I tensed up and came too, unbelievably heavily, and I felt almost feint, the ****** was so intense. The strange thing is that it was an anal ******, and it felt wonderful. I almost screamed with pleasure as I came, and this was followed a few seconds later by my **** spurting lots of *** in an arc that was so big that most of the *** string landed on his face. He lapped it up with his tongue, and after spending about 30 seconds with him deep inside me, us both hot, sweaty and panting, and telling each other how good that felt, I slid myself off him and lay next to him on the sofa. We laid next to each other, smiling, and he leaned over and kissed me. After a few seconds of tongues, he grabbed his beer, and I grabbed mine, and we decided that this would be our little secret. We chinked our beer cans together and decided to go to bed. But we both slept in the same bed that night, and I received my first ******* from him, and I also got ****** twice again, this time doggystyle and with me on my back, legs high and wide and him holding my ankles and sucking on my toes, until he came inside me two more times. I even got another ******* the next morning after I had dressed in my groom's clothes! He was insatiable with sex, and not more than 1 hour later we were standing next to one another, and I had my soon to be wife standing next to me, and I heard the vicar ask if there was any reason why we should not be married and if so, for the person to speak his mind...and I was praying that my brother-in-law would not say anything! I was imagining him standing up and shouting that we had incredible gay sex the night before and that he wanted to be with me instead. But no, luckily that didn't happen. But what did happen was that for the next few years I was married, I was having gay sex with my wife's brother regularly. In face, he came to live with us for what was going to be a few months and which ended up nearly four years, during which time I probably had as much sex with him as I did with my wife, if not more so, especially once my relationship with my wife was falling apart - I was at one point ******* her brother every day, and her every couple of weeks. And eventually I took over as being the top in the relationship, and he looked forward to having his arse plundered regularly when I came home from work, before my wife.

All of it finished once I finally finished with my wife. But we still keep in touch now and then, and I look back on that time with no real guilt or embarrassment, only with a smile on my face at having experienced some fantastic sexual times with another guy.
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I'd put up with just about anything from a woman for an arrangement like you describe. Her brother sounds like he'd make up for just about anything. I'd prefer to skip her and just be with him though, but I find being a bottom with another man better than anything I can imagine with a woman.

Totally agree. I'm a pure bottom now and love gay sex, more than straight sex. I have bigger, longer lasting ******* too, and I stay rock hard for much longer.

About 90% of the time I shoot my load unassisted when I'm being ****** or when my man **** in my mouth. That's never happened no matter what I was doing with a woman. If that means I'm a ******, then being a ****** is delicious.

We are both faggots then lol

Actually, I get REALLY hot when someone calls me a ******.

Dirty little ****** lol...just like I do when I get called a "dirty submissive cockwhore" or "barefoot sissy bareback cumslut" during sex.

The list goes on. I guess some guys get offended, but I really enjoy being called names like that, especially when I'm on my knees naked with my mouth full. Or on my back with my *** full.

Amen to that. Same here.

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I'm in a sexless marriage not because of me and I would like to **** my wife's brother he's on his 20's and has the most amazing *** I ever seen.he's a soccer player. He gets drunk every weekend I'm hopping and fantasize that one day he would drunk at my house and may be make a move.
Great story man!