I Was Used To Make Boyfriend Jealous

The gf of a former housemate tried to make her boyfriend jealous after they had a row. She told me they had broken up and he had dumped her (which was totally untrue) We went out on a date but unbeknownst to me she made sure he knew about it. She invited me back to her place and made it abundantly clear she wanted to ****. However things went downhill from there when she couldnt mask her surprise and disappointment at how small my penis was. (I was well aware that her bf was very well hung) I left her totally unsatisfied but she still tried to flaunt our assignation in his face and boasted to him what a great lover i was.
When I realized she had lied to me about the state of their relationship I appologized to him (which he accepted graciously) and told him how bad the sex was. He threw that back in her face and made it clear that he was well aware that I have a tiny **** and I was a lousy lover (I overheard the ensuing row they had) He unceremoniously dumped her for real and she subsequently blamed me and went around telling all of her female friends that I was a tiny dicked loser in bed.
litlebigman2 litlebigman2
51-55, M
Sep 8, 2012