My GF and I went down to the Jacuzzi of a place we were staying at. It was mostly hidden in a corner except for one wall that was open to anyone passing by. So we turn on the bubbles and sit in there for a while. I dont mind being naked in risky places so I pulled off my shorts and left them on the bottom of the tub. I got hard knowing I wasn't wearing anything.
   Now my GF does not like showing off. I could maybe make it happen if she is drunk but she wasn't since it was 12 in the afternoon. She shocked me by stroking my **** and getting me really horny. She then pulled her bottoms to the side and started riding my ****. I figured I would push my luck and i started un-snaping her top. Well I was ready to *** when she let me take it off and her **** were out in the open for anyone to see. She was getting close and told me to **** her from behind.
   When she stood up I un-tied her bottoms and put her doggy style. She had her arms and fingers stretched out to keep her mouth just above water. I was ready to *** from both of us being on display for anyone that could walk by. 
   I moved my hands from her hips to her shoulders. I told her take a deep breath. She did and with that I pushed her under and ****** her hard for 20 seconds ******* deep inside her. I felt her whole body start bucking on my **** and I knew she had a good ******. 
   My GF knows I love having her underwater and she doesn't do it much at all. So when I see a chance I take advantage of it. If you are curious I had her under for like 40 seconds. She shocked me again by getting out of the Jacuzzi and only putting on the towel we had next to us. When we got to the room I handed her the card to get in and pulled her towel off. I dont know what got into her that day but we ****** 2 more times that night!
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Hot story. Love ******* while underwater