Tara Part 3

So this actually happened last Sunday. I was hanging out with a girl I know and it's going nowhere fast. I'm in the friend zone. It's not bad, but my **** aches every time I watch her move. Her body is amazing. She's jealous of my other female friends so there might still be hope.

Anyway I get a text around 10 from Tara and she's telling me that she wants to meet me because her friend is covering for her and she doesn't have to go home until around 3am.

I look at my friend and tell her I'm going to go get laid and I grab my stuff from the bowl on top of the piano and head to meet with Tara.

She texts me her friend's address and I head over. Maybe an 8 minute drive. She greets me at the door. And introduces me to her friend, I don't remember her name but she was very good looking too.

Tara leads me I the guest room pulls me end and swings the door but it didn't shut all the way hit it was like she didn't care she was busy tying to undo my belt buckle.

I helped her as we kissed. And then she told me to just enjoy it. I'm not used to just enjoying it. I prefer to be the provider, but she was insistent and forcefully persuasive.

She dropped to her knees and started sucking me off like she was more concerned about me ******* than her own physical well being. She was gagging spitting and drooling on my **** as I started ******* her face.

Tara kept eye contact with me but the light coming from the cracked door way told me we were being watched. She had told me her BFF was a freak so I knew she was probably watching.

I finally just couldn't take it anymore and I told her I needed I eat her *****. I grabbed he by he hair and pulled her up an order her onto the bed face down. Still holding her hair I used my left hand to pull up her skirt and pull down her thong. I finally let go of her hair and I positioned her with her legs spread just right. I laid down and ate her push from behind. I made sure not to neglect her **** and I played with her *** too.

She told me she tried anal before but didn't like it so it's my mission to make her love it like all my past lovers, but it wasn't going o be that night.

I fingered her making sure to down stroke her so her G-spot was getting plenty of attention. She was begging to to **** her in such gloriously vulgar ways.

That's what I love about her it's almost like she's trying to make up for years of ****** arc with her husband by going **** star on me.

I finally decided its time to **** so I get behind her on my knees and make sure I arch her back and slam into her dripping wet *****. I started ******* her deep and slow, but she kept asking me to **** her harder so I obliged. I planted on foot outside he leg and get higher so I could get the right position to really slam down on her.

I started to slam her and puller her bak to me by pulling her hair and grabbing her hip. I could feel my **** bottoming out on her and she oils feel I too no could feel her ***** clench me when I did bottom out. I ****** her like that for what felt like only 5 minutes when he was telling me she was ******* and wanted I feel me *** inside of here.

I stopped trying to control myself and just let go. I came so hard I collapsed on top of her burying myself deep in her ***** a I just filled her up. I rolled off of her and laid on my back my **** still erect and a mess from our mixed juices.

She kissed me and then grabbed my **** and told me she wanted to taste "us". She went down on me again. I was so sensitive I was practically screaming. I'm not going to lie, I was but into a pillow. I told her I might beg for her to stop, but don't. She played with my balls and really just gave it her all and then I felt it. It was another ****** coming. I too her and she smiled as she jerked me off telling me, "oh goody."

When I started to *** the first few spurts she let fly and then she put her mouth back on my **** and swallowed every last drop.

We laid together and talked for a while. We ****** again this time she rode my **** until I fills her again. I could see her friend watching from the door the entire time. After the second **** I asked Tara if she had been in a *********. She hasn't but was interested. Her husband refused.

I told her if she can find a friend she trusts to invite her. We will see where this goes.
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Jan 20, 2013