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I Love ******* Other Men'S Wives.

I guess I should out by saying I'm Married Man. I've been Married for 18-Years.

But I also **** wives of men. I ****** Married Women before I got married. I **** Married Women after getting Married.

I've ****** the woman, who had been my best man at my wedding. She got married and he was gone. I was home. We both wanted to **** and admitted it.

My first fiuck was a Married Woman.

Married Women know how to keep it secret, and know what it means to stay clean.

The only real expectation is that both of you get ******* you want.

She wants your ****.

You want to ****.

traveler42 traveler42 56-60, M 3 Responses Mar 18, 2013

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I know that some people see men who **** another man's wife as evil. But I love *******. ******* a married woman is great. They know what they want. More often as not you can *** inside of their ***** and they don't mind. Some are lonely, some just want another ****. They are the best **** ever

I **** my wife and love *******.

I also love ******* wives of other men.

......and I love their husbands ******* my wife.

There is something so passionate, so exciting, so arousing, so wildly irresistible about ******* another man's wife and, logically, about him ******* my wife (provided, of course, that she shares a similar curiosity).

Each partner is a little different, has different erotic spots, different places that have that "special" feeling separate and apart from the usual ones; and, in the course of first (or relatively new) intercourse they are sometimes discovered, as well as that "never done this before" feeling that is like seeing the beautiful view over the mountain.

Even the mental image of another man inspiring my wife to spread her legs for him, and/or of his wife doing the same for me is enough to make me want to **********....NOW!