She Wanted Me and Turned Me On!

 OK, so i am at a sleep over at my best friend's house, and his parents had to go some where over night, so my friend's aunt was baby sitting.  this was when i was twelve.  

First, i'll descripe his aunt.  She was about 5'3", and had nice ***** size.  It's hard to say whether she was hot or not.  At the time, i was 12, and she was 54, but somehow she turned me on.

for the rest of the story, i'll represent me as an M, her as an H and me narrating the story as an N.


N: so i get up and it is about 7 am, and i have to go to the bathroom.  i go down stairs and go into the bathroom, not locking the door, figureing that i am the only one awake. i drop my boxers and am about to take a ****, when she walks in.  she just stares at my ****, and she is in a sexy lingerie.  almost instantley i get hard.

M: sorry my erection is so smal

N: i have no idea why i said that, but at the age of 12, my erection was only about 5 inches

H: i dont give a ****, i just want to 69 with you 

M: why would you want to 69 with me?

H: cause you make me horny

N: that really turned me on!

M: ok, now take off that lingerie and get over here, you *****.

N: she ******** so fast i couldn't believe it

she came over and asked,

H: who's on top?

M: you are, *****

N: she layed down and grabbed my **** as soon as i layed down on top of her. she started to suck my **** like a starved baby.  i shoved my face into her ***** and started to lick her love juices. i was so hard i thought mmy **** was replaced with an iron rod. she was moaning and almost yelled in joy.then she came right in my mouth. almost right after that , i came right on her face, and she licked up every last drop.  

H:  im bored of this

M: what the ****, we're done already?

H: no, i want to feel the warmth on my **** ! **** my ****!

N:  so i sat on her and stuck my **** right between her ****. she squeezed her **** aroud my **** and i sucked her nice boobs. 

M: I going to come!

H: good, all over my *******, please!

N: i came on her **** and she rubbed them and sucked the *** off her fingers

H: i bored again, i want to feel the warm in my ***

M: sure thing

N: she got on her hands and knees 

H: just drive it right in, make me cry, please,!!

N: i shoved my **** right up her *******, and she yell and actually started crying! i pumped her back and forth so hard then after about 3 minutes i came right in her *** and she cryed out with joy. again she got bored, so i ****** her in her mature ***** and she came after about a minute and then i came 

H: that was incredible!!!!!!! come again ! come again!

N: i started pumping again and she was yelling with joy. i came again and she came and then affter about 10 mintes she said she was gonna come and i pulled out and opened my mouth around her ***** and she came right in my mouth and her love juices tasted soo  good

H: ok, i think i just want to get back to bed

N: we had been at it for about 45 minutes

M: on one  condision - i get to go to bed with you

H: fine with me.

N so we got dressed but before i was fully dressed she said

H: lets go at it again!!

M: OK!!!!!!!!

N: but before we did, she went to the kitchen to get a cup, half filled with water

M: what the hell is that for?

H: you'll see

N: so we quickly did it again on the bathroom floor,  me in her nice wet *****.she came

M: i am about to come!

H: quick , *** in the cup!!

N: it was the biggest load  i had blown the whole morning

H: good

N: so we got dressed in what we were in before, and got in her bed, and we actually fell asleep together for about a half hour, and when we both woke up, we were so horny, and we just were spooning the rest of the morning til about 10 am, when my friend woke up.that morning at breakfast, me and my friend were pouring our cereal for breakfast, and she walked in drinking a glass of milk. then i relized that the "milk" was really the glass of come and water mixed together. She just smiled at me.



thats not all of the story

will write more if any one wants me to




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sounds fake. wat 12 yr old talks like that

i do