1st Boss

Several years ago my company hired a new VP of Finance. At that time I was working at a junior position in the payroll department, happily married with one child.  My sex life with my husband was quite good although I had '****** around' on him many times without him knowing.  I like lots of sex, more than my husband, and sometimes the urge overtook me and I would allow 'things' to happen.  I have never had a problem attracting men as I am quite good looking, vivid green eyes, long toned legs. strong Germanic/Dutch facial features, slim waist and wide hips.  For most men one of my best attributes are my 38DD breasts of which I don't mind showing to their best advantage.  There is not a day that goes by that I will not catch a man (and sometimes a woman!) checking me out. I am quite used to it so it doesn't bother me and I just take it as a compliment.

This guy was different..The first time I saw him, my heart fluttered, omg he was such a hunk.  I couldn't help but stare and when he looked at me I felt my face flush and I had to avert my eyes. He said hello and I just stammered out a response. As he walked away my knees weakened and I was light-headed. However , the most dramatic thing my body experienced was the throbbing of my **** and the extreme wetness that was occurring there.  I hurried down to the ladies room, got in a stall, pulled my dress up and quickly fingered myself to a fantastic ****** while imagining I was ******* him.  For a few months the same sort of thing happened. I spent alot of time ************ while fantasizing about that guy. More often than not while my husband was ******* me, I would shut my eyes and pretend it was the VP doing me.

I never got used to him looking at me.  I felt like he was disrobing me with his eyes and I would melt every time. One day I was getting on the elevator and just before the doors shut he got on.  This time as he said hello, he placed his hand on my dress covered ***.  I gasped out hello to him and I fell back onto his hand.  He encircled my waist and asked if I was ok.  I felt like a rag doll, his hands felt like they were burning my flesh through my clothes and my ***** was already on fire. It was all I could do to nod my head and mumble that I was alright. He chuckled and he brought his hand up to my breast, giving it a squeeze just as the door opened at my floor.  The hallway was empty and I stumbled out making my way to my work station. I was in a state of disbelief, had this really happened? I felt down to my ***** and found it to be sopping wet and in need of relief.  In the washroom it didn't take to long to bring myself off. I sat there thinking about had happened and soon I had to *** again, which I did with my frantic fingers rubbing my engorged ****. I so wanted to **** him.  When I felt I was ready I went back to work, somewhat relieved until my phone rang and it was him. He asked how I was and when I responded in a positive manner he began to 'flirt' with me. I found it much easier to talk without being with him so I flirted back and the conversation got abit 'racy' ending with him suggesting I work late that night, to call my husband and see if that could be arranged.  I did that, my husband was easily deceived as on the odd occasion in the past I had to meet payroll deadlines.  The VP and I arranged for me to meet in his office at 5:15,

When I walked in he rose from his desk and walked up to me. Without a word he held me in his arms and we started to kiss. We played with each others tongues and kissed, licked and nibbled each others faces and necks.  All the while he was stroking my back and *** with his hands as I held the back of his head. He unzipped my dress and I let if fall to the carpet.  It wasn't to long before he had unclasped my bra and massaged my large breasts causing my nipples to become as hard as stones. I was feeling like I was going to ****** without even my **** being touched yet.  I didn't have to wait long for that though. He went to his knees with me still standing and he peeled off my panties, leaving me standing with just my high heels  on and spread legged.  VP put his mouth on my **** and gave my hard **** a lick...omfg, I thought I was going to explode! I am a blessed woman as I usually get off very easily and I am doubly blessed in that I am multi orgasmic and will *** several times a session if properly stimulated!!  I put my hands on his head to stop from falling as I came as hard as I ever had. Electric shocks coursed through my body and I screamed out my pleasure. He pushed me onto my back onto his desk.  I was still panting as he fully disrobed. Fantastic, he possessed a chiseled body and when I saw his **** I shivered with anticipation.  It was a sight to behold. Much larger than my husbands, it had to be at least 9 inches and very very wide.  Here was a **** to worship and I couldn't wait to have him enter me. I spread my legs as he brought the head to my entrance and I reached down to guide him 'home'. I was sooo wet he slid that massive rod easily into me and began a relentless pistoning of my ****. Within just a few strokes I was ******* again and as he continued, I grabbed onto his *** to get him as deep into me as I could. My ****** did not seem to be stopping and I was shaking with the intensity of it.  He bent down over me and jammed his tongue into my mouth and I felt his *** checks tense up as he started to *** into my womb.  He jerked and jerked and I bit on his tongue as he unloaded his *****. He collapsed onto my sweaty body and I held onto his *** to keep his **** in me as long as I could. As he softened I nuzzled his neck, ears and face and murmured to him how much I had loved ******* him and how much I loved his **** in me.  I told him to lay on the carpet as I wanted to clean him off.  When he did , I knelt over him and took his slimy semi-erect **** in my mouth,  VP groaned his appreciation as I swirled my tongue around the head and sucked him down my throat.  He rapidly became hard again and put his hands on the back of my head, attempting to face **** me. I had other plans, I wanted more of his *** in my ****, so I pulled off and and straddled him.  I sank his **** into my more than willing **** and began to rapidly rub my **** against him.  I bent over and grasped his shoulders with my hands and dug my nails in as my emotions built.  VP grabbed my dangling ****, twisted them and squeezed them hard. When he started to bite my nipples I once again blew up and just fell onto him with all my muscles quivering and my **** burning up. VP rolled me over and pounded me into the carpet with violent hard strokes over his fantastic ****. He was the best ****-master I had ever encountered!!! He pistoned  me fast and hard for what seemed like eternity, I had never been ****** like this before.  All I could do was keep my legs spread and hang on to him as he dominated my female form with his powerful maleness.  This time with him was so overwhelming I truly felt I could faint.  But I didn't, instead I began to *** again!!! As I made loud inarticulate noises, VP roared out his pleasure and came into me for the second time, this time it seemed he contributed even more to my accommodating **** hole.  We disengaged and retrieved our clothing, I didn't clean out his ***, instead I pulled my panties up my gash to keep as much of him in me for as long as I could.  We talked just a little and agreed that we would be doing this again soon, but right now it was time to go home to our waiting families. We also agreed that this was purely sex and we did not want to **** up our marriages.  I felt that was right, I didn't love him but I sure loved ******* him!!!

When I got home, my child was at the grand parents and my husband was alone.  I acted nonchalant and just told him that the deadline was met..I only had to work a couple hours late. I was still horny from my sex with VP so I suggested to my husband that since the kid was away perhaps we should 'play' upstairs.  He was very agreeable so I told him to wait until I called him.  I went up and ******** off my clothes and threw them in the hamper. I brushed my teeth and washed my face but I left the rest alone.  I wanted him to **** me with the VP's *** in me.  I called out and my hubby came in to our bedroom.  Looking at my naked body stretched out on our bed he hastily took off his clothes, I spread my legs and he bent down to eat me.  I grabbed his head and pulled him up telling him I wanted him to **** me, just **** me..He jammed his ***** into me and as he began to **** me I wrapped my legs and arms around him and ****** back at him as hard as I could.  I shut mY eyes again and pretended that it was the VP doing me again.  Omfg I was ******* again...what a day that was!!!  Hubby came in me., mixing his ***** with that of my previous lover, my womb was awash :-)  My husband went to get our child and I went to sleep., totally satiated.......for now   :-O 
AM  NOT FINISHED      more boss's to ***!!!
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Amazing. You sound like an incredible woman!

Great story, well told!!

A great story and very hot. I'd love to hear more about you and your lovers. Maybe your husband secretly knew and enjoyed sloopy seconds ... WOW!

Bauty of a woman is on its peek when she is aroused and during sex says ohhh **** me it is overwhelming to hear that

You should have let him lick your boss's ***** from your *****. I'm sue he wanted to and cream pie is absolutely wonderful.