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My Boss Is Still ******* Me...

 I was terrible stressed on day when my boss stopped me and asked if I was OK. I said yes, I was OK, but said with a smile that I was terrible stressed at the moment and really could need some good relaxing exercises. We stood there and talked for awhile when he suddenly said that sex helped when he was stressed. I know that he didn’t lay a pass on me or anything like that, he is somewhat twice my age and flushed like hell when I starred in surprise at him and I do not recall why I said it, coz I just followed a impulse and said, “At yours or mine office?”.  “You really mean that?”, he said utterly surprised and I thought ‘what the hell’ and said, “Yeah, you got an hour!”. We went to his office, coz he provoked least suspicion over a locked door and just as I thought ‘what the hell am I doing’ he pushed me forward over his desk and just pulled up my skirt and my panties down and I felt like I was just convicted in some sort of sex crime and should be punished for it when he just shoved his **** inside my puzzy. No nice words, no foreplay, no kissing, just bend over and get ****** right away and that really turned me on in a strange kind of way. “Ohhh!”, he said when he was as deep as he could come inside me and just stopped and felt my puzzy as clearly as I could feel his hard ****. “You’re so tight!”, he moaned and I could feel his gaze on my *** and I felt a sudden urge inside to please him, so I bent even more forward and really let him have a look at my *** and was rewarded with a long, “Ohhh my gooood!”, when he pulled his **** slowly out so just his cockhead remained inside before he rammed it deep in my puzzy again and started to **** me hard. The insaneness of the whole thing hit me there I lay face down on his desk with his **** I free motion inside my puzzy and his long balls slapping my clitoris for every jolt he gave me, coz I had never ever, not even in my wildest dreams, been thinking that I should be ******* my mush older boss, but here I was, clinging to the side of his desk with both hands, having his stiff **** deep and barebacked inside me and somehow that made me very horny. “Just come inside me!”, I heard a voice I recognized as my own said and felt a wonderful tickling sensation inside me and felt a huge ****** was on its way. “Ohhhh!”, I screamed as silent as I could and just felt the whole world shaking and spinning for some seconds and was just gotten back again when he started to fill me with his ***. “Ohhhh!”, he moaned and literary lifted my feets from the floor with his **** and I felt his wonderful ***********  deep inside me and made me come again. I grabbed his huge nutsack with one hand and pulled him inside me to make sure that the pumping **** that filled me up with ***** remained deep inside me until at was completely empty. We stayed in that position for awhile, it felt so good, until he started laughing behind me. “You have your boss by his balls!”, he said and I started laughing too and gave him long huge balls a good rub before I let them go. He pulled his **** out of my puzzy and we where still laughing when I pulled my panties up and stopped the flow of *** that came out of my puzzy. “Did it help?”, he said smiling and zipped his pants and I said, “Yes, it did!”. “Can I use you more?”, I said to him, smiling and he smiled wider and said, “Any time!”. That was just the first time he ****** me, but not the last. We use each other for stress release after that and I really enjoy that he just want to **** me and do not want all the other fuzz that always trail behind something like this. No promises, just plain old good ******* and I have really enjoyed the past six years and do not feel that he uses me more than I use him and that’s rare I guess… And no one suspects him for ******* me coz of the huge age gap between us and that suits me fine! 
Spirow Spirow 36-40, F 17 Responses Sep 9, 2010

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Great :)

Hi ! your profile is quite interesting. Can we exchange messages and chat ? Please add me in your circle. -John

now i know wot TCB means lol =)

give me ur number

so sexy

sooooo hot add please

the first time my wife's black boss ****** her it was rape and forced sodomy. He told her she was a **** ***** who deserved to get a good *******. My wife now submits to him almost every day and I am cut off totally.

my wife's boss has ****** my wife when she gets stressed. It is good for her and keeps her calm when she comes home. He is black about 40 and my wife is 33. I have never fully satisfied her sexually and he gets her off big time. she showed me some pics of his **** and it is nearly 3 times bigger then mine. White guys can't compete with black men when it comes to sex. That is why so many white wives cheat with black men. Can't blame them!

My boss does that to me whenever I am stressed. We would leave the office and go to his house and he would just pound my ***** me for an hour or two. Then I would go back to the office very relieved. We've been ******* for the last five years and it gets better everytime. He left for a business trip last night for a week so we took off yesterday so he could give me a good **** before he left and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am looking forward for a good **** when he gets back. I don't have a man now so he fills that need.

When you are feeling stressed, your libido is going to suffer. This will in turn diminish your appetite for sex, which will also add to your risk of depression. Having sex is an instant mood enhancer that can reverse all of these symptoms. So, what are you waiting for? Get busy when your boss is back. Happy women are often the most sexually active, those who had the lowest stress and best overall mental well-being were those who were the most sexually active. They also had the most sexual interest! Have sex, be happy. Be happy, want sex. We all like this correlation. Having sex boosts your entire self-esteem, not just your body image. The more positive sexual experiences you have with someone, the higher your self-esteem will be. Practice makes perfect you have been practicing for so many years. Sex can create an instant feeling of peace and serenity, relieving the day-to-day stresses of life. See just how relaxing sex can be for your mind, body, and spirit.

I have a very sexy personal assistant. She dresses sexy every day, never wears panties, rarely wears a bra, and is barefoot in our office. She wears mini skirts more than shorts, and on those days, she makes sure I see her bending over when she files. She knows that I'm in a sexless marriage and has seen my wife many times. I've touched her bumm, brushed up against her and she's seen me in my private shower. I know she wants to take it further and I do as well. If we could have an arrangement like what I read here where it's just sex, that would be perfect, as I don't need any additional stress. I know that having sex with her would be such a relief. And, I would definitely need it every Monday, as it's so frustrating going through the weekend with no sex after being loyal for 28yrs. On top of that, I've been working out with a personal trainer 5 days a week for the past 6mon. My body has changed considerably and that seems to make my assistant even hornier....if it's possible.

peter did u ever finaly make yr move? =)

don't you want to have a baby?

Great :)

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Good stress relieve of the period of 4 years and a silent agreement and to give and received injection of *******

Great story,,,and I would agree that sex is a great stress reliever. Nice.

i want to the same thing to my boss

HOT..wish i was ur boss

love it... good on you

That`s the best way to have sex.It`s not fun,but it works as medecine.Age difference does not matter.Only thing matters is the mutual consent,healthy relation,and demand of the time.You are lucky you have such partner.Keep it on.

Excellent I guess this the way every one should behave when it comes to sex and stress I agree with you 100% Spirow about this experience and wish I could be a part also

Posting a pic of that *** would just add even more to a great story! Bill in Va.