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Banged My Wife's Boss

Soon after my wife and I were married, she took a high stress job that required her to work long hours. Her boss, was a blonde woman, who was only a couple of years older than we were and over time we got to know each other and spouses.
Her boss and I both traveled quite a lot in our jobs and we used to joke at parties that we were actually meeting at various places around the country while our spouses were back at home. I thought it was all in good clean fun until my wife informed me that there were rampant rumors around that her boss had actually been caught ******* the CEO on the conference room table by the cleaning crew one night after hours.
A few weeks later we were at a company function at someone's house for a pool party and "Dee" was of course there along with her husband. Well, the usual banter of fooling around came up, but I was a little more wary about it after having heard about the conference room incident. I had gone upstairs to find a room to change in and had found what appeared to be a guest room. I had pulled off my shorts and underwear just as I heard the door opening. I swore I had locked the damn thing, but had apparently not done so properly. I called out that the room was already occupied before I could see who was opening the door.
Well, Dee stood there grinning at me and said, "I see my timing was almost perfect as all you have on is your shirt." I tried to cover my **** with my hands as she closed the door and locked it before striding across the room to where I was. She immediately pulled my hands away and grabbed my expanding man piece. I was actually scared to death that my wife would be knocking on the door at any moment wondering what was taking me so long to change, but Dee leaned over and said, "don't worry about Sharon. She's out by the pool having a beer and talking." WIth that announcement, she let go of my now erect **** and pulled her shorts and panties off with one motion. Standing back up straight she quickly unbuttoned her blouse and undid her bra in a flash. I was still too stunned to speak when she grabbed my **** and led me over to the side of the bed where we could actually see the pool below through the half-opened blinds. She took my hand and placed it on her already wet ***** lips and said, "See for yourself. She is out there having a good time and not worrying about you at all right now." Oddly enough, she and her bosses husband, Bill, were both talking with a couple of other employees.
At that moment she leaned into me and put a lip lock on me that literally took my breath away. My hand was busy in her juicy ***** and my **** was dripping in pre-*** from her fondling it and my balls. She looked me in the eyes and asked, "are you ready to do this?" I nodded and she turned around and bent over on the bed offering her ***** to me from behind. In a heartbeat, I had slid my **** into her and was pumping her from behind. I realised that I had to ease off a bit so as not to have the butt pounding noises heard by anyone. I reached around and fondled her small **** with one hand and tweaked her swollen **** with the other before she started pushing back harder against me and moaning a deep gutteral sound that I had not heard before. Her moaning along with me looking at my wife sitting by the pool while my **** was buried deep in her boss's dripping **** did me in and I came pretty quickly, being careful again not to make too much noise.
I pulled my **** out of her and she stood up and turned around to face me while taking my hand and rubbing it on her dripping ****. She then took my fingers into her mouth and sucked all the juices off before putting my hand back on her juicy **** and putting the fingers in my mouth. She broke the silence when she said, "we better get dressed and get out to the pool." Without hesitation, I went around the other side of the bed and pulled on my suit. She reached into her bag and pulled out a black one-piece, which she quickly stepped into and pulled up. "Thank god I brought the black suit this time," she said. "If I had anyother color on, it would have a big wet spot in the crotch," she laughed. She added that she was going to have to go straight down and get in the pool to avoid the wet crotch syndrome.
As I was gathering up my clothes and getting ready to head out of the room, she came over to me and gave me a big hug. "We have joked about ******* for sometime now," she said. "I am so glad this fantasy actually came to life and you were great like I thought you would be. Remember, not a word to anyone."
I went down to the pool via the kitchen, loaded up a plate and found my wife out by the pool still talking to bill and her co-workers. "I see you got something to eat while you were in there," she said.  I told her I had and that the roast beef was very "juicy" and tasty. She said that sounded great and headed in to get some food. I glanced around the pool just as her boss was coming into the yard from the garage side of the house. I focused on her crotch and saw that indeed there did appear to be half-dollar sized wet spot there. She waved to her husband and headed straight for the pool where she added our combined DNA to the pool water.
We certainly got away with our quick **** at the party and managed to **** a few more times that year at other company gatherings before my wife changed jobs. I never got the nerve to ask her about the rumors of her ******* the CEO, but with our little fling, I knew it was definitely a good possibility she had.
 I think the strangest think about ******* her boss at this party was actually seeing my wife outside by the pool while I had my **** in her boss. It added to the excitement immensely.
My wife kept in touch with her old boss for a few years after she left the company, but we have since lost touch with her, damn it!
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I had a similiar experience. My wife at the time worked for a woman who was about 12 years older than us. We both worked for the same company. My wife was away on business and I was attending a PAC function and my wife's boss was there. She ended up a little tipsy so, I offered her a ride home. She asked me if I wanted to come in for a drink so I did. She disappered into her bedroom and comes up in just her bra and panties. I walked up to her to kiss her and she said, "you really shouldn't. you're married" and turned away. I pulled her over, kissed her and threw her onto her bed. I ********, pulled her panties off and started f*king her like crazy. She was very quiet and refined at work and here she was, gettting f*ked by me and yelling for me to "f*k her harder and make her p*ssy ***!" We f*ked for hours and and at the point I was drained she said, "I'll do anything you want" so I asked her to suck me. She said, "if you want it to be good, get on top of me and hold my hands over my head" So I went for it and facef*ked her until I blew a last load into her mouth and we ended up falling asleep.

So was this a one time experiences or did you have sex with her again.Maybe you should have worked your wife and her boss into a *********

That women was a horny minks,looks like you need to track her down and have sex with her again. Maybe you can get your wife to join you to

No, that is one thing the boss did manage to keep quiet.

did your wife ever find out you were doing the boss