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******* Tammy my secretary

I was working for a law firm and I had a private secretary, her name was Tammy. Every time I would see her I would get a hard on! She always wore heels, nylons and a sexy dress. She was about 5'8 115 lbs, long red hair and a beautiful smile, she had a sexy set of ****, and a *** that would give the Pope a hard on.
Everytime she came into my office she would get real close to me and I always thought she was flirting with me.
Sometimes she would rub my shoulder as we talked and she looked me in the eye like I want to unzip your pants.
Her perfume screamed **** me now, I would always get caught staring at her legs and ***, if she would lean over the desk she would catch me checking out her ****!

One night she and I were working late and the office was closed, so we were alone.
Tammy had these sexy strap on heels nylons and a zebra stripe dress with low cut front showing nice amount of cleavage.
The dress was thigh high and when she sat you could almost see her ***.

We were just finishing up for the night and I asked her if she would like a drink, she said yes I went down to the break area and got us a couple of wine coolers. When I came back she was sitting in my chair with a real naughty look on her face.
As I walked up to her to give her the drink she had her legs spread wide and her dress pulled up so high that only her ***** was the only thing I couldn't see, she had pantyhose on under her dress and that was all.
I was married but was in a sexless marriage and my **** took over for all thinking from her on.
I set down the drinks and went to her and kissed her she stuck her tongue in my mouth and then all bets were off.
I started rubbing her ***** thru her pantyhose and then reached inside her pantyhose and stuck my finger in her ***** as I used my thumb on her ****, she was soaking wet and her *** raised off the chair to move into my hand.
She was a beautiful 36 year old women falling apart in my hands, she unzipped my pants and pulled my hard on out of my trousers, she licked it kissed it and then took it in her mouth, I stood up and grabbed her head and was ******* her mouth, I started going to far in and she gagged and her eyes watered, and she was coating my **** with her Red lipstick.
I pulled my **** out and I picked her up and put her on her back on my desk, I got on my knees and bit her pantyhose in the crotch and tore a hole in her crotch. I then stuck my finger in her ******* her as I nibble on her ****, then started sucking her **** lips as I was stroking my ****, finally I couldn't take it any more when she screamed out **** me, and she was moving her *** around so much that between her *** on my face and her jumping around I couldn't keep my tongue in her anyway.
So I stood up dropped my pants a kicked them off, I slowly entered her teasing her at first and pulling it out and slapping her ***** with my **** and then finally I plunged it deep into her, she came as soon as I did, her ***** locked down hard on my **** I almost couldn't move, finally she released and we we ******* like a couple of 18 year olds. She had her legs wrapped around me and her *** hardly hit the desk. I hadn't had sex for a long time so I could last real long, I unloaded a years worth of *** inside her,
She was the **** of a life.
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Nice!!!!! Now I've got a hard-on and no where to stick it.....

I did enjoy reading your story

You lucky bast##d,so are you still having sex with this lovely lady. Sounds like you need to leave the wife and let her move into your bed on a long term ba<x>ses