******* My Father In Law

while my husband was at work, it was just me and my father in law he is 68 years old I was walking around the house naked with my huge **** bouncing around I ended up laying on the couch legs spread wide using my vibrating huge **** and sucking my **** I saw my father in law looking and his ******* huge **** bulging in his pants my husband' has a 10 inch **** while his father has 14 inch **** wow
as I was cuming I felt my father in law eating my *** so I took his pants off and I bent over and he jabbed his **** in my *** oh so ******* good it felt.he ate me out I swallowed his **** until he came and then we ****** the whole night away we have been ******* each other for over 2 years now he is better than my husband that is why I love to **** other people than my husband mmm.
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...nothing better than a Big Titted woman enjoying being ****** up the arse by a big ****, I've a niner, small in comparison...


sounds like bullshit to me.

This is an absolutely idiotic post. Teenage fantasy at best. No psychology, no eroticism, and the most absurd situation. Sure the world is full of women prancing around naked in front of their fathers-in-law and pulling out their vibrating dildoes to jerk off in front of the old man, who happens to have a huge ****. And then they spend the night *******. No 68-year old will spend the night ******* - he'd die. And no son is going to let his dad **** his wife all night - or usually, at all! EP should be for real stories, not stupid and poorly written fantasies.

This \"*****\" is probably a teenager with a pizza face whoe spends his time on EP posting idiotic stories under a female alias, dude.