Dirty Old Uncle

My wife and I had our annual holiday party for the family and as always my dirty old uncle showed up. He is in his late sixties and always showed a fondness for my wife.She was dressed in a cute red skirt with black pantyhose and my uncle couldn't keep his eyes off her legs all night.As it got late and the party wore down my cute wife was pretty loaded at this time and was up and down the basement cleaning up. My uncle of course was helping her but trying to get her to do shots with him at the downstairs bar. Half an hour later I went down to see how the clean up was going and there was my wife passed out on the couch and her cute little skirt had ridden pretty far up. My uncle said he would finish up downstairs and he would get my wife upstairs after he finished in the basement. Thinking nothing of it I went up to bed but I was tossing and turning from too much champagne. Not being able to fall asleep I went down to check on my uncle about an hour later. I could see the lights were still on in the basement so I walked down the stairs and as I turned into our room there was my dirty old uncle sitting next to my passed out wife. He had one hand in her panties finger ******* her and his other hand was stroking his old fat ****. I couldn't believe my eyes so I let this scenario continue without him seeing me. After five minutes he stood up between my wifes hiked up skirt and started to deposit his load all over her pantyhosed covered crotch. He even took a few seconds to rub his fat old ***** against her pantyhosed *****. By the time he finished I went back upstairs and he went to the spare bedroom. I went back down and he had covered my wife with a blanket and she was still passed out. I'm sure in the morning she won't know how her pantyhosed crotch is damp and sticky.
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6 Responses May 23, 2012

I take it that you did not mind seeing your Uncle playing withj your passed out wife. How about if he had spread her legs and entered her ***** depositing his *** inside her. Gotten old now but loved to see other men depositing their *** in my wife. Nothing like it!

I can't believe he just didn't **** her or eat her ***** while she was laying there!! Bet you would have love to see that happen?

Just like i said he should have only i would have taken her clothes off and if you was watching i would have told you to *** and help!! Now is that what you wanted to hear?

It wasn't a bother i was just saying what i would do and if you liked it!

Lovely story. Younger women should excite older males to **********.

did you ever tell either one what you saw

does every family have a dirty uncle..lol

Your Uncle! Where does your father-in-law fit in this story?