I ****** My Friends Sister

This happened years before I met my girlfriend now..

I worked for a retail company back in the 90's and naturally there is always someone who you click with right away. His name was Robert. During my 5 years with this company I became friendly with a lot of the co-workers but Robert was the coolest. After work sometimes I would see his grandparents pick him up from work along with Roberts sister Sonia who I could tell had a crush on me but she was 15 at the time so I tried not to think about her but she was really attractive. Five years later I found a different job so it was time to move on. I wasn't sure if Robert wanted to be friends outside of work so I just said goodbye to everyone but Robert insisted that I stay in contact so I did.

A year later Robert and his family planned to move 1 state away but me and him were damn near best friends at this point so I felt bad. He suggested that I transfer jobs to his location and stay at his grandparents place until I find my own. So as crazy as that sounds I did. At the same time I was able to save a ton of cash so it worked out pretty well. By this time his sister Sonia was 20 years old and blossomed beautifully. While we were eating dinner on a few occasions Sonia would be on the other side of the table and of course she started sliding her foot up my leg without anyone knowing. I would look at her and she would smile. I got super excited because she was so attractive and obviously a freak but I kept saying that I can't **** her because me and Robert are friends. She even flashed me when nobody was around but I kept my composure.

One day Robert was online for hours and his grandparents were not home. Sonia comes out of nowhere and grabs me so we playfully started wrestling. She actually was pretty strong so it was even more fun but I finally picked her up and threw her on the couch. We were laughing and making enough noise to get Roberts attention but he never came downstairs to check on us. We started wrestling some more then all of a sudden Sonia gets up and storms out of the house barefoot. I got scared thinking that I might have touched her wrong and made her upset. I chased her down and asked what was wrong. Sonia looked at me with the sexiest look in her eyes and says," You made me hot." I was hard as a rock myself but I hid it from her. I told Sonia that me and Robert are friends so as much as I would like to **** her I couldn't. As we walked back to the house and went inside I said goodnight to Sonia. She immediately said," You aren't going anywhere! You are gonna finish me off before I go to bed." She started tongue kissing me after that and I tried to resist but the animal in me took over. I stopped her and said let's wait until everyone is asleep tonight. Sonia had a better idea. She told me to surprise her when she takes a late shower.

Me and Robert slept in the same room but luckily I was near the door so as soon as I heard Sonia in the shower like at 12:00am I carefully crept out of the room and into the bathroom. Sonia was definitely surprised thinking I really wasn't going to go through with it. I was in shock at how her Puerto Rican body was so toned and curvy with a gorgeous *** and natural long curly hair so the wet look for her is even more of a turn-on. She had an abnormally huge ***** though but it was neat and shaved bald. I got my clothes off in like 5 seconds then got in the shower with her. We were kissing for so long while I caressed her *** then she finally told me to **** her. I bent her over doggy-style and started to pound her lightly. Understand that I was excited but nervous at the same time because I didn't want to wake anyone + the fact that I saw her grow into a woman and I was now inside of her. I had the perfect view of my **** going in and out while squeezing her gorgeous *** to a hard ******. I had to cover her mouth for a few seconds when she came. After that we switched positions while the shower was still going and ****** missionary. I played with her ***** while I hit it semi hard to avoid the sounds that the water makes but it did anyway. The sound of her ******* again made me *** so I pulled out of her ***** and sprayed all over her stomach and ****. It had been a long time for me without sex so I came a ton. I came so much Sonia started laughing and said,"Daaaammmnnn!" After that she confessed to wanting to have sex with me when she first met me at 15 years old but knew that I wouldn't. I told her that I was happy that we finally did but we had to keep it between us and of course she agreed saying we have to do this again.

The next day her grandmother said she heard the shower on for a long time and asked who was in there. Right away Sonia said it was her and she needed a long shower but her grandmother knew something was up. She looked at me differently from that day forward.

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Haha my friends sister is down to **** me rn and I'm going to soon

Bad guy how dare you **** your friend's sister?

Good sex

that is a wicked sex story~~pretty good