The 19th Hole...

This happened a couple of summers ago--a friend and I one afternoon were playing golf. The foursome in front us were two couples; the two women were absolutely stunning to look at, but their golfing abilities were terrible. By the third hole, as we waited for them to finish so we could shoot, our conversations turned sexual--how lucky the two guys were to be banging those women. By the fifth hole we were talking about what we would do to them, given the chance. Our conversations got raunchier as the game progressed; by the time we were playing the 17th hole I was so ******* horny I had to be careful when swinging the club so I didn't damage some important equipment.

When we finished the game, I suggested we go to the clubhouse for a beer. My friend said, "let's go to my place, the beer is cheaper." When we got there, his wife (who I have fantasized about ******* since the day I met her) told us to go down to the media room (it was cooler there), she would bring us beer. A few minutes later she arrived beer in hand. As she bent over to hand me my beer the  low-cut summer dress she was wearing gave me a perfect view of her beautiful ****--which only served to give another hard-on. She told us she had a couple of errands to run and would be back in a hour.

After she left, my friend asked if I wanted to watch some ****--stupid question. The opening scene was a beach scene of a guy getting a blow job. The next scene as a a bedroom scene with a couple doing it doggie-style. By this time I was unconsciously stroking my **** through my pants. When I realized what I was doing, I looked over to my friend to make sure my actions hadn't been seen. I had no reason to be concerned, he had his **** out and was *******-off. What the hell, I unzipped and took my **** out.

After about four of these vignettes, it dawned on me the women in the movies was always the same but the guys were all different. The next scene was this (same) women/actress taking **** from both ends. When the two guys were ready to unload, the three of them positioned themselves so she could take their *** in her mouth. I almost came when I saw the women's face for the first time--it was my friend's wife.

My urge to shoot-off was quickly aborted when a voice said "hey guys, do you need some help doing that?" His wife was back.

Without waiting for an answer, she knelt on the floor in front of us , taking a **** in each hand. Moments later she was swallowing my **** in her mouth. Minutes later she was naked and within five minutes my dream came true I was ******* her hard--as my friend watched and filmed what we were doing.

I ****** her twice that night, disappointing her that I couldn't do it a third time.

When I got home I had to tell wife what happened. She was so turned-on, I got to **** two women in one night.

Three days later I was talking to my friend, confessing that the night was a dream *** true, I wish I had know sooner that he and his wife were swingers--just like us. The next weekend the four of us got together and I was the husband watching.

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****!! hell yeah, this story gave me a huge hard on