I ****** My Girlfriends Sister

Me and my girl had been together for three months...and we always got together at her house during the week and weekends and ****** everynight.

Well I came to find out that she was cheating on me with my friend. I was pissed...I couldnt believe this puerto rican ***** cheated on my with a friend.

I had always known that her older sister was into. We had some classes together in High School and we always flirted with each other and she even grabbed my **** sometimes.

My girlfriends fetish was to be tied to the bed and blindfolded. So I bound her and covered her eyes. I went into her sisters room and woke her up.

She asked me If my sister was asleep. The ***** already wanted to be ******. I told her yes and we began to make out. My girlfriend called for me. I told her sister that I wanted to get payback on her for cheating on me.

She said she didnt care because they hated each other. We both then got naked and ****** on top of my girlfriend and I cummed on my girlfriends face and told the ***** Im thru with her. Every weekend I came back to **** her sister and then leave her depressed *** there

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Did you *** **** Them They are Hot anally