Sexy Time Right Before Ep :)

So my hubby and I had some alone time right before now that he left to pick up our son from school, and I got on EP. anyways, So I was talking to him about how last night while he wasn't here I talked dirty to a girl. and how it turned me on so much. How I want to **** her and eat her ***** and *** :) So he got hard... I started stroking his big hard **** nice and gentle. I said let's take pics so I could put them on my website. So we took lots of dirty pics and I am about to post them on my page right after typing this. I sucked his **** for a while, while massaging his big sexy balls. I love his balls btw. I deep throated his **** for a while, then my ***** was so hot and wet, I couldn't help it anymore. I jumped on top of his **** and started riding him. It hurt a bit as I shoved his **** inside me, as my **** is super tight. So I rode his ****, and I loved watching his expression of pleasure it turned me on even more. I then realized I forgot to put on a condom on his ****, but it felt so great I didn't want to stop riding his hard ****. btw I have a big **** so I rub my **** while riding his **** becaause it gets puffy and so hot I can't help rubbing it. As he was jamming his **** in and out of my tight *****, I turned around so my *** was facing him, and he kept ******* me. It felt amazing. Felt like I was going to explode in an ****** of how good his **** felt inside my tight wet *****. AS I am typing this right now my ***** is beggining to get hot and wet AGAIN. lol I have a super fast sex drive lol. So we ****** like that. then we spooned, and it felt good. Plus I love watching his **** enter me and his balls hit my puussy. And then I got on top of him again and rode his **** some more. Then I laid on top of him, while my ***** still wrapped around his hard ****. He grabbed my *** cheeks, he loves squeezgin my fat ***. He spread my cheeks, and ****** my ***** harder. I sucked his ear, while saying dirty things in his ear. Telling him one of my fantasies, and him pounding my *****. I was so wet and hot, he pounded me until he busted inside my ***** and it felt so good I didn't want him to pull out. I love feeling his **** vibrate up and down while he nuts its so sexy. I love to tighten my ***** around his hard **** as he is cummin. After we finished, I jumped off real quick and we cleaned our mess LOL. Then when he left I was still so horny I rubbed my **** and came. And now Im going to rub my **** and *** again because my ***** is throbbing of hornyness. mmmmm
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hot time

Very hot steamy story ! made me hard ! mmmm

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsoooooooo yummy hun!!!!!!

damn girl you are one hot little lady would love for you to add me please

That is the perfect way to use this site!

Thanks, this story really got me excited, you husband is lucky. Please add me as a griend.

You are such a good, bad girl!