My Wifes Sister

I have always flirted with my sister in law and she has caught me
Looking at her more than once. There have been times where she would sit
On a chair or a bench in a way where I had a direct view of her panties. I bought salt & pepper shakers once and
Joked how the tops looked like penis heads she laughed and said "great, I can suck them". I was instantly hard. So there was a little
give and take with the flirtation. When she and her husband were on the rocks, she came to stay with us. I instantly installed hidden cameras in the bathroom and her bedroom. I spent nights ************ secretly watching her in all stages of dress. She is not as pretty
as her sister (my wife) but she is pretty and her body blows my wifes out of the water!
We were all at a wedding one night, and I had more than my share to drink. At one point my sister in law and I found ourselves
out in the main lobby talking and I confessed my crush on her and that I spent a lot of time checking her out.
She was shocked and flattered all at the same time. As we chatted I held her hand and within a few minutes we were kissing. I was rock hard making out with my wifes sister!! After that night it kept going further whenever we were alone at my house. Kissing led to touching, touching led to oral and one night when my wife was out with friends, we ****** in my bed. She was amazing, the best sex of my life! She wanted to do everything my wife wouldnt including anal.
We are still ******* to this day. If you want to hear more, just ask. Send me a message. I have pics of her too. Trying to talk her into a ********. She also knows that I am bisexual ( my wife has no idea) and she's ok with it.
I love her!
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Hot story. I'd love to be in your position. Any more stories about doing her sexy body? Photos??

Yo you are lucky I wish I could do that!! Send me some pics

Dam we all wanna hear more ! Lol. Please add me

Send me pics

You are living out a dream, to bang two sisters! Add me please

Oh man you are one lucky man, I wish i had my sister in laws like you do. I would love to chat with you about all, I am slowsucker11 and am going to your post and message you again, please friend me so i can see her and you , wink wink, bi here also. would love a trio with you all....

Mmm what a hot story! I would love to hear more and see her too.

love to hear more... show me pics too

I love her your a bad man ******* in your wifes bed. but her sister is a really naughty bad women ******* in her sisters bed ******* her sisters husband. I am in lust with her too. mm I would love to here more about you ******* her in your wifes bed.

Maybe the sister is trying to get back at her sister for something she did. By having you ****** her in your married bed

Sounds like you married the wrong sister. Sounds hot though. Would she be up to have a DP with a young BBC?

That would be hot for sure!

I would love to see pics too. ;) good times.

I really enjoyed your story. I also have a crush on my SIL, and I had a chance to confess it to her at a wedding as well, but I didn't. Two months later her husband admitted to cheating on her, and now they are trying to work out their marriage, but I still confessed my feelings to her. She told me she did think of us that way, but that now she's trying to "guard her heart." I guess I missed that window, but only time will tell. I would love to see pic of your SIL, at least to live vicariously through you. thank you.

Who say's that window has closed. Just keep being more friends with the SIL. Maybe that window will some day open. If her hubby cheats on her again

OMG. Jackpot!! Incredible story. Tell us more. Do show photos..

You are a very lucky man getting your sister in law. Have you ever thought of working your wife in to a three some. Tell more about you have sex with her

damn... u r one lucky dude...definitely add me...

Wow I've always wanted to do it on my sister in law.. You are so lucky. Would love to see your sister in law pics... Please mail me her pics

Hi, love your story about you ******* your sil. Had been wishing and trying to **** mie for a long time but no head way. Do drop me a note at Wud love to see the pix too.

You have the balls man.. I am trying for more than a year to get to my SIL, i shared with her many intimate discussions and touches, but never been into the deep.
I don't know how to get down on her...
Send me pics, I would love to see how good you r doing: nader 330 at ymail . com

Wow! That is so HOT! Thank you for sharing, but now I need to figure out what to do with this wood! Wish my sister in law were here :-)

Nice I wish I could **** my sister in law she is so hot I would love to see the pics and hear more storys email me

HI add me and i wana see that picture of your wife sister and thanks for sharing

Really nice story. I would love to see her pics.

OK, you really are the obsessive pervert...having secufrity cameras all around the house to watch your not-so-pretty sister in law undress, pee, take showers etc...Nice family atmosphere. Lucky you weren't found out, you'd have lost both your balls.

your sister in law sounds so hot good that she like anal got to love any woman that love anal, maybe you should suck a **** in front of her and see how hot it make her watching.


Would love to see her pics and hear more stories.

Send me your email and I can share pics Will be waiting to see them!

Keeping it in the family. :>)

Wow, i'm in a similar situation but no strings attached sex with my SIL does not seem like a possibility at this're lucky to be in that situation where there is less chance of people getting hurt.

Wow would love to see pics of her. Would love to join u both in bed. I'm getting hard thinking bout it.

Let me know your email and I can send you pics of her