I ****** My Sister In Law

I have a sister in law (my wife's younger sis) whose husband lives abroad.
She is more beautiful than my wife. She is a busty girl with wide hips and big boobs. I used to observe the curves of her body and wanted to relish her plump body but it seemed impossible. But one lucky chance made me fulfill my long lasting desire. My wife went out of city for few days and bade her sis to take care of me and my home. So she came and do some management of the house daily. One day she got tired and slept on our bed. I went near her and asked after her health. She told me that she is feeling headache. I offered to massage her head but she strictly refused. I again offered her after few minutes and some time later she became ready. I started to massage her head. After few minutes i started to stroke her neck, ears and shoulder. She began to moan with pleasure. I became bold and after that i held her big boob. She startled but i kissed her on the nape. She nearly fainted. Then i was free to do what i liked. I opened her shirt and started sucking her boobs. After few minutes my left hand went into her lower dress and i started to fondle her ***** which had hair of one or two days shave. She was moaning. I entered my finger into her ***** and played with her clitoris. Now she was wet and thirsty. I pulled down her and my lower dresses and put her white plump legs on my shoulders and then slowly entered my **** in her slippery tight tunnel. It was sheer joy and pleasure to move into her. I was also clinging to her plump nude body and sucking her lower lips. My movement grew faster. Then she streched her body and embrace both legs around my waist. She came with moaning. It was a joyful experience to be gripped by so beautiful girl during her ***. Now i had lost my control and moving like a crazy ram. Then my cries and moaning began to echo in the room (I always cry and moan loudly when i come). It was a heavenly experience. I never enjoyed sex to such an extent in my whole life. Now since last one year I am unable to **** her but I am dying for her "V" I mean *****. But there seems no chance and she also remains indifferent towards me. I wonder whether she is angry or she enjoyed too as she is without her husband now a days.
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Very hot indeed. Nothing like a one time **** of forbidden fruit.

A great story.