Very Attracted To My Sister In Law (and Acted On It)

My brother in law's girlfriend was hot.We teased a lot, or I should say, she liked to tease me(and to be fair, other men too...she was quite the innocent flirt). One day while at a family gathering, she playfully threw a paper airplane at my crotch. She did it a second time, also rather goofing around, which kind of set up an unspoken situation. We were in the living room with everyone else. We went into a bedroom on the pretext of her showing me something. As the door closed, I grabbed her, then we started spontaneously kissing.  I quickly put my hand right up under her sweater and started softly squeezing the nice large breasts I had been lusting for for some time....She was quite surprised, but I guess she had also wanted this to happen as she didn't resist or pull away. But we quickly recovered and said we'd better get back out into the other room before we get caught. My wife and her brother were just out in the next room.

From then on, we would make out whenever we got a chance. We'd end up in another room out of sight and quickly start kissing and hugging, fondling her and her fondling my ****. I loved feeling those firm big 34C ****, no bra ever. They were much larger and shapelier than my wife's. We could only go as far as fingering her with her pants unbuttoned(had to be ready to get normal fast..) I also got to suck on her nipples each time. It was great times..

Finally, our lust was such that I set up a day off work, told my wife I was going "somewhere", and headed out to meet up with my unofficial sister in law(more on that later). She told her brother about our affair and arranged to use his apartment that day. I stopped and got some rubbers and was soon standing in the living room, face to face, alone with her. She said "at last, I have you all to myself"...we laughed and kissed deeply, then headed into the bedroom and spent the next several hours in heaven, *******...

We would do the same a few times later, meeting at the 9 to 9 Motel...

I had always wanted to swap partners or **** or have a 3some. My wife wouldn't go for it. My girlfriend had a sister in law(funny how this stuff ties together..) who liked to go to bars and pick up guys to ****. I had always wanted to do her also. She had a boyfriend who was attracted to my sister in law and used to flirt with her a lot. Finally, my sister in law set it up where we would go to her sister in law's apartment and swap partners. As we walked from the car, she walked ahead with the boyfriend, hand in hand, while I walked with her sister in law, also hand in hand. It was pretty hot to see my sister in law walking with another guy, knowing I would soon see them together naked. I took the occasion to wrap my arm around and squeeze the sister in law's right ***. Man, this was hot!!

When we got into the apt, however, the guy got cold feet. He suggested we smoke to relax..several J's later(?), finally the girls both stood up and announced we should get started. They both ******** and I lay on the couch with my sister in law and he on the floor with her sister in law. After many minutes of kissing and petting, we all said, "let's switch". My sister in law got up, took the guy's hand. and they lay down together on the floor, kissing. I moved over and lay on top of her sister in law. We looked each other in the eye and she said "Oh, ", it was really strange being nude with each other, as we had known each other socially for years, and now we were getting ready to ****. Man, I loved it. Meanwhile, the guy with my sister in law was having trouble getting it up due to nervousness so eventually they got up. I was taking my time *******, since I knew it would be the only time I'd ever get the chance. She eventually said "you can *** anytime" LOL I did and then we got up and left. The other guy begged my sister in law for another chance, but she said that was it and he missed his chance.

Later, she was on a course to get married to my brother in law. She agonized since we were pretty much in love at that point. She decided to go ahead with it and we'd keep up the affair.

At the wedding, everyone was getting very blasted as usual. The groom went into the bedroom, my wife went to bed and passed out, and I sneaked into the bathroom, where the bride was still in her gown, getting ready for her wedding bed. I, being way past drunk, wanted to ****. She resisted, saying we could get caught(very easily). I persisted and lifted her dress, kneeling to lick her *****. In a matter of seconds, she was on her back and I was ******* her. I came, quickly got up, straightened up my clothes, and luckily made it out of the bathroom and into the room where my wife as sleeping, and my sister in law (now officially) went to join her new husband in his bed.

Once, my brother and sister in law came over to our house for a party and were spending the night. My sister in law was laying on a mattress where we thought only I could see her. She was pulling down her pants and showing me her *****, then pulling them back up. Sometimes, she'd lift her top. After about 15 minutes or so of this, we realized that a neighbor who lived behind my wife and I and was invited to the party, was sitting in the living room in such a place that he was able to clearly see as much or more of my sister in law's nudity that even me!!! LOL She was a bit embarrassed. She had been writhing seductively for me, not knowing he was sitting on the other side of her, seeing everything.

There's even more to this story...

The breasts that I had lusted for...

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you lucky punk.. i want fkcu your sil too...

Wow I know how u feel. My wife had her young er sister staying with us for the summer she was 17 at the time she was such a lil tease she would walk around with some tiny booty short s white tanktop and bare foot. Her feet are just perfect
I would walk around with a ***** an she liked it too

Thanks for the pick

Great story..

Wow! HOWL!! Friends?

I have been attracted to my sister in law; used to have long chats with her; but never had the opportunity and possibly the guts to do what you did!!!

fantastic story nice pic

mm mmm ... so suckable!

A family that sticks together...