Best Night Ever!

12 years ago, when I first met my ex-wife’s sister I actually thought she seemed a little bitchy. But as I got to know her I found that she and I had a lot in common and had very similar personalities. I noticed that when the 4 of us would go out or on holidays that she and I would have more fun together and I always fantasized about something happening between us.

As far as her looks she has milky white skin and small breasts, although I think she looks hot as hell, she was the opposite of my wife’s full breasts and tan skin.
The day I got to catch a glimpse of her in a bikini was the best day for me, and I was so happy to capture the moment, even though with her fair skin it was short lived and she pulled a t-shirt on shortly after.

She and I live close, although I do not try to seek her out, I do happen to bump into her at the local grocery store once in a while and I have seen her and her husband out to dinner but I’ve never had the chance to spend any time with her like we used to and find out if we really got along that well until last weekend.

I happened to go out to my favorite restaurant and I saw her sitting at the bar. Since I was waiting on a friend and I saw her sitting alone I asked her if she’d like to chat until my friend or her husband got there. When she told me that he wasn’t meeting her I apologized and asked who she was waiting on, but she didn’t reply. I was still standing behind her at this point when she told me to either rub her shoulders or sit down. She only said silly things like that when she was buzzed. So rather than rub her shoulders like I wanted to when she said it, I chose to sit down and order a drink with her.

We had 2 or 3 glasses of wine, plus whatever she had before I got there. And we were back to our old antics just like we hadn’t missed a beat from a dozen years ago when I saw her all the time. Every now and then she’d put her hand on my shoulder but it didn’t seem like anything, although I’d hoped it meant something. I had already messaged my friend not to come an hour ago and told him I was ok, but I’d explain later.

She lost her balance when she got up to use the restroom, she probably doesn’t wear heels much anyway, but tonight she was dressed hot as hell with a tight fitting dress, her curly hair blown straight, and sexy shoes to go with it. I’m sure she was a bit toasted from the wine.

When she came back she said she was little lightheaded from the wine and should probably get going. I told her that I wasn’t comfortable with her driving, and we live close by and I’d like to give her a ride. She smiled and said it wasn’t necessary but I assured her I would offer a ride to any of my friends if I wasn’t confident with their driving. She agreed and we headed to my car. Before I even had the key in the ignition she put her hand on my leg and said she didn’t want to go home. My body went numb and my ears were ringing I was so excited she touched me. I had butterflies in my stomach when I replied back, but I asked her where she wanted to go. “Your place?” she said. I had already begun driving, and never answered, but I’d be a fool not to take her home with me tonight.

When we arrived, I opened her door, she jumped out of the car and leaned toward me with her mouth open and gave me the most passionate kiss I have ever had. Again, my heart was racing, I had always dreamt of kissing her, but never thought it would become a reality. I was so in the moment and didn’t want it to end that I think I stood in front of my house making out with her for 20 minutes before realizing it was MY house and we could go inside!
I opened the door and led her inside. She asked if we should have another drink and I said sure. We walked into the kitchen but immediately started kissing again. Hands grabbing all over each other, pulling off each other’s clothes, and stumbling toward the bedroom it was the hottest experience I ever had.

I got her to my bedroom and she was just in her bra and panties by this point, just like the body I saw years ago in that bikini, I was overcome with joy that a real life fantasy I had was actually coming true. I kissed her chest while removing her bra and making my way down to her small but still-firm breasts. (I have always loved girls with small breasts because they can wear those ‘easy to open’ front-clasp bras!) I licked and sucked them passionately while sliding my hands down her belly to pull down her panties.

I went down on her shaved box for what seemed like an eternity. All the while she screamed and squirmed. I leaned toward her to penetrate her but she threw me back on the bed and swallowed my whole **** down her throat. If I hadn’t had a few drinks I would have lost it right there, and she’d have probably left laughing never to see me again. Thank goodness for alcohol!
After she gave me the sloppiest, deepest BJ in the world, she climbed on top and led my **** into her slick *****. She rode me hard and I have to admit, all the while I thought about how I couldn’t wait to tell my friend this really happened, I had to stay in the moment and enjoy this. Who knew if it would ever happen again!

I flipped her over and slowed things down a bit. I wanted to enjoy it now, and we kissed softly and sensually. I finally burst inside of her and fell onto her, still kissing her all over. Our sweaty bodies felt so great on each other that I held her there for a while, playing with her hair and kissing her neck.

She ended up showering and staying the night even though she was only about 10 minutes away from my home. The next morning I wondered if she would feel awkward. But we awoke together and lay there talking about how she had been divorced about a year now and one thing led to another and we talked about dating. My ex is remarried and we had an amicable split, but I think that could be awkward. I was blown away when she told me that she actually told my ex she had a thing for me a while back and she didn’t seem pissed off.
I thought about asking if she sought me out the night before, but why push my luck, right?

I don’t know what the future holds, but I might as well date her for a while and enjoy what I always wanted.
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I would love to be your friend here but it says I cannot add you to my circle?

Thanks for sharing such a great story and it shows the sometimes it takes a long time before "good things happen!" I will look forward to hearing if the two of you continue your new type of relationship!