The Last Time Me And Her Did It.

If you have read my stories before you will already know that I started ******* my sister's best friend when I was 14. Since then till she left for college we ****** almost every time she came over. The last time me and her ****** was the hottest and wildest night of my life.

 I was sitting in my room watching a video online. Then there was a knock on my bedroom door. I got up and opened the door. Then my sister's best friend jumps and wraps her legs around me and starts making out. Then I shut the door with one hand while holding her up with the other. Then I pushed her against the wall and she undid my pants. I moved my head and started to suck and nibble her big DD ****.

 Then she pushed me down onto my bed and she ripped off my shirt and my boxers. then she slid off her thong and short shorts. Then she told me she wanted me to do something new to her. She then bent over my bed and told me to **** her up the ***. So I shoved half my **** deep into her *** and she couldn't help but scream. Then I started to **** her harder and harder shoving more and more of my **** deep into her *** until the whole thing was in her ***. Then after awhile I shot a big load of *** in her *** and she moaned with joy.

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