Step Mom Caught Me In Her Clothes And ****** Me

i was stood in my step moms room in a frilly skirt tank top tights g string and a frilly bra high heels make up and a wig i was so horny i was just about to **** when i hear the door go and before i know it my step moms in the room she smiled and says so you want to be a girl dropped her shoping bags and tongued me then pushed me on the bed and ****** me then rang her daughter then she came round with new girls clothes and i put them on pink panties ping bra rara skirt a top that showed abit of boob and some nice thight *** tights then she ****** me now i live on my own and my sister comes round alot to dress me up and **** me
matthew123456789 matthew123456789
18-21, M
2 Responses May 3, 2011

Sounds like fun!

thats nice am doyo have pictures of your stepmom if you get me some ill get yopu some of my ****, is that cool,