My Hot Teacher

Monday, the worst day of everyone's lives but this Monday was different. I walked into class and sat in my seat, all the other students were already there. The teacher walked in and said "good morning" we all said good morning back. She gave us assignments and we got to it, we started to work on our assignments, but I had a problem because I had trouble on one questions so I went up to the teacher and asked her how to do it and she said to me "meet me here after class and ill show you how to do the questions, do the ones you know how to do now" so I went back to my desk and finished my work. After a long day of school it finally finished so I went back to my teachers class (by the way her name is Mrs.Anderson she is really hot, big **** and an amazing ***) when I got to the class she told me to close the door so I did as she said but I thought it was kind of weird I walked to her desk and she said sit down. I sat and she asked me to take out my papers and show me the questions I did not know how to do, so I did and showed her, she said okay she started to help me with the questions she told me how to do it so I put my head down and got to work on them, after a little bit I needed help again when I looked up to ask Mrs.Anderson had her **** out and she was rubbing her ****, all that time I had my headphones in so I could not hear her. She told me to whip my **** out, so I did she got on her knees and sucked my **** it felt so good, she going bobbing on it, then I pulled her up and shoved my **** deep inside her ***** she screamed "**** my ohhh **** my ***** harder" I kept going faster and faster until I was about to *** I shouted "i'm gonna *** inside your *****" she said" yeah *** inside my ***** baby" so I ****** her faster and came in her ***** I pulled out and all my goooey *** came drizzling out she turned around and kissed me she said that was the biggest **** I have ever had in my ***** (it was 7 inches). I told her that she was hot and I have wanted to **** her for a long time. She told me if I ever needed any help on other questions I could call her, she handed me her number and I left. 2 days later I needed "help" on one of my questions so I called her and I went to her house and ****** the living **** out of her and came in her mouth and ***** 3 times we ****** many more times. :)
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Great story man. Are you still having sex with this lovely woman or is it all in the past.