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****** My Teacher

hi guys im sharing my experience of ******* my 32 yr old female teacher.this lady is so hot and her **** were the biggest and best among all the women ive ****** till now. me and ma friend used hav fantasies abt her and we jerk off thinkin abt and classmates planned to c her panties and if possible ,so we brought a mirror 2 skool and when we ask doubts 2 her purposly our partner would reflect her dae she caught me and tld me and tld me 2 write imposition 4 1500 tyms.aftr skool me and her stayed bak and she waz preparin fr a test,aftr 30 mins she asked me if i wanted 2 *** herso ofcourse iagreed and she climaxed 4 tyms and we fuked 4 abt 3 hrs aftr tat we went 2 her house and fuked ter 4 abt another 2 hrs her ***** gt so wet tat ive never ceen such a wet ***** lyk hers nw shes 5 months pregenent wid ma child and i go ter every week
CASANOVAPORN CASANOVAPORN 13-15, M 1 Response Jul 15, 2013

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Dude. Learn the English language.