And It Was Great

My wifes friend, who I will call Vera, is an attractive 49 year old.  She stands about 5'5" and weighs about 130 lbs., has a pleasant face, green eyes and auburn hair. Slim hips and a very large set of breasts (I would say 36DD) finish the package.  She keeps herself well made up and always looks good.

   She and her husband, 'Brad', have been friends and 'drinking buddies of ours for several years.  We often go to their house and they to ours.  We have gone on vacation with them a few times.  My wife, 'Sasha', and Brad share in one 'bad' habit.,  on the weekends, they both like to drink to the point of passing out.  Vera and I would get them into their respective bed, we have spare bedrooms, tuck them in and if we weren' t  tired, we would continue talking and drinking.  If it was a 'party' with other couples there, the get-together would just continue until everyone left.  During all this time neither Vera nor I flirted or came on to each other.  That all changed after Vera had a 'tummy tuck'.

Vera had always has a little roll of fat that had always bothered her and affected her self esteem.  She is a very attractive woman but would wear clothes that hid the roll and was uncomfortable showing her midriff.  Nothing she did from excercise to dieting would get rid of it.  So about a year ago she got the surgery.  Brad was not excited about her doing it but Vera said it was her body and her money so she would do what she wanted.  After the procedure and she was all healed up and the swelling had gone down Sasha commented to me about Vera's change in attitude.  She seemed to be 'flaunting' her body.  I must admit that the operation had done wonders to her figure, her **** were much more enhanced as was her waist.  She bought herself some revealing tops and ones that showed skin above her hips. In addition she purchased some very short skirts.  She was obviously quite pleased with herself.  Sasha told me that Vera was now often making sexual comments about men that they saw, things like what she would have them do to her or what she would like to do to them.  When my wife would express shock at her comments, Vera would laugh and say that she was just kidding.  Vera and Sasha had not talked too much before about sex but now Vera very often led the topic of her conversation to it.  Sasha was sometimes embarased but sometimes found herself getting turned on.

At our parties, Vera began wearing profocative clothing and Brad seemed to drink even more heavily.  The routine became that my wife would drink to excess and I would take her up to bed, take off her clothes except bra and panties, lay her down and cover her up.  She would almost immediately pass right out and I would go back downstairs.  It wouldn't be too long before Brad would also have to be helped up to bed.  Vera started to stay a bit longer away from the party and she explained that she had to give Brad a little help to make sure he slept well.  Around this time, when we were alone Vera began to flirt with me.  Sexually loaded comments and poses with her body became common.  For my part I enjoyed the attention and began to fantasize about ******* her.

That's were it remained until about 4or 5 months after her operation.  One Saturday night we were drinking at their house and of course our spouses got sloshed and we put them to bed. By this time the other couples had left and Vera and I were alone in the living room and the conversation drifted to talking about how we had sex with our spouses and did it ever get hot.  Vera told me that when she puts Brad into bed she most always gives him a blow job and that way he doesn't try to **** her later while all pissed up.  Anyways she likes the taste of ***!  I told her that Sasha is so out of it that I can **** her in any hole and all she does is grunt or groan but never appears to wake up.  In the morning she claims to remember nothing but says she knows that she has been ******, 'a woman always knows', she says.

Vera stood up and said "what do you think?" She held her arms up in the air and spun slowly around.  ****, she was a wet dream.    "I mean if you weren't married to Sasha, would you **** me?"  In a heartbeat, I said.  She walked over to me, cupped my face in her hands and planted a very wet kiss on my lips.  "Thanks, let's go check and make sure they are out and then we can continue this conversation"  We went upstairs and I went to see that Sasha was asleep and she was out like a light.  Vera appeared in the doorway and she was only wearing a shear baby doll.  She motioned to me to come so I dropped my clothes except my boxers and followed her down to the basement.

Vera sat up on the pool table and held out her arms to me.  I embraced her and we passionately kissed tonguing each and feeling our bodies with our hands.  I roamed my hands all over her back and neck. I brought my hands around and roughly squeezed her large breasts through the silk material.   She licked my ear and whispered for me to stick my fingers in her *****. With one hand I reached down and to my delight she was shaved and extremely wet.  She moaned out "oh ****, ya" as I inserted and started to frigg her with three of my fingers.  Vera reached down and grabbed my hard **** with one hand and began to stroke it.  She had a whole different technique than my wife and I was afraid of getting off too soon so I backed off, took off my boxers and layed on the floor with my ***** pointing up in the air,  Get on me I told her and she took off her baby doll and stood above me, naked, with her feet on either side of my body.  She bent down, put my **** in her hand and slowly lowered her **** onto it.  I felt my ***** entering her and then it was like she just collapsed onto it, gasping out her held in air.  "Oh my ******* god, oh **** ya".  She paused for a moment and then started to **** my *****.  Up and down she went, she would go up until I almost was out and then she would go down until I would be hitting her cervix. Each time she came down she would say "****" and as she increased her tempo she kept up with her dirty talk.  I reached up and took her **** in my hands.  I twisted them and pulled on her rather large hard nipples.  She started to grind her **** against my pubic bone and worked her self into a frenzy.  With her hands she grabbed my shoulders and flexed her nails into me.  "I'm *******, I'm *******" she began to say.  It was like a mantra and she she went faster and faster until she did explode with her ******* shuddering and shaking and dripping sweat.  I could feel her **** grasping at my **** as she came and then started to come down.  She collapsed on me , flattening her breasts against me and covering me with her sweat.  I pulled my knees up, stretching her legs open even further and began to **** her in that position.  I pounded her as hard as i could and although I have a pretty large ****, her **** was so wet and sloppy it was tough to really feel the sides.  Vera just stayed laying on me, groaning as she took the pounding.. I put my hands on her *** to hold her still and i started to feel my ****** building. It suddenly overtook me and I blew load after load of *** deep into her gapping ****.  As I was *******, Vera raised herself up and looked me in the face and encouraged me on saying for me to fill her with my ***.  I did just that. 

We laid on the carpet beside each other and then started to talk.  She told me that this was the first time she had ****** around on Brad.  She said that she was 49 and after the tummy tuck she started to feel sexy again and she wanted more sex than Brad could give her.  She figured she would start with me, I would be safe and we could keep it a secret.  She went on to tell me that she fantasized about some other men as well.  Now she thought that she might live out those fantasies.  I expressed my dismay that I would not be her only '**** buddy'.  She giggled, said for me not worry, I would get my fair share.  She moved down my body and asked if I wanted more right now.  Before I answered Vera put my soft **** in her mouth and worked on getting me hard again.

  We did **** again that night!!   

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Women are strange sometimes. Just when you think you've got 'em figured out, you haven't. My wife and I had been in a wife swapping relationship with another couple for a few years. We would all get naked, kis, fondle and finger each other's wives up to the point of actual ******* and then either he or his wife would want to nto another room to do it. We all knew what was going on, but I guess to them (I never found out) if they didn't see it it in their minds it wasn't happening or they weren't being unfaithful or whatever their thoughs were. I wanted to see my wife in action, see another **** plowing into her. <br />
<br />
A good friend and co-worker was at out apartment for dinner one night. We drank, ate, drank, watched some skin flicks and drank, The three of us had a good buzz going but no phsical contact, just some sexual inuendos. My wife invited him to stay over with us and not to drive. He asked where he was going to sleep and she said, "with us." I was surprised because there were plenty more places. To shorten the story (it's on my profile), we had our first MFM *********. It was spectacular!!!<br />
<br />
A couple of years later, my wife's best friend, whom I had been ******* but my wife and her husband were unaware of, stayed over with us while her husband was out of town. We drank and chatted until the early morning hours. Our visitor asked where she was going to sleep. My wife replied, "with us" just like she had with my friend. I thought that this was the green light but was I ever wrong. The three of us were in bed naked. I proceeded to make out with both girls and both were responding. If this is not an open door, I don't know what one is. Our visitor indicated that she was ready for it, so we started *******. My wife got mad and jumped out of bed. I couldn't have stopped if I had wanted to, which I didn't. She sat at the foot of the bed and watched. We both knew that she was mad as hell but didn't know why. I told her not to worry that I would get to her as soon as I could get it up again. "You're not ******* me tonight and I don't know whenever." Our visitor went to a sofa. She later asked me," how could you do IT to my best friend with me right there in the same bed?" I replied, "I guess the same way you could do IT to Jack with me laying right there beside you." My thiking was, "it's ok for you to do him but I can't do her. Not quite fair I don't think" but didnt say it. Their friendship ended that night, but her friend's and my friendship continued without the knowledge of our spouses. The MFM times continued but the FMF's were over, which was OK. The MFM's were all good. My wife had enough ***** to go around. Women are strange.