Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my sister in law's birthday. We decided to meet at her house around 830 after everyone was off to work and school. I got to her house and she was waiting for me in a sexy little sun dress showing off her sexy curves. We started kissing right away. It has only been two weeks since we saw each other but I had been anticipating this day since the last time we met. When we started getting real intense I stopped and gave her a birthday present. A green lace bra and thong panties. I told her she should try them on. When she returned I was shocked how hot she looked and her ***** was shaved. She has an amazing thick bush which I love but I had never ****** her bald *****. She straddled me on the couch mt hard **** reaching for that *****. We kissed passionately and even though she looked great in the lingerie I wanted to suck on her nipples. She has very sensations nipples and has *** from nipple stimulation. She was enjoying all of the attention and she stood up took my hand and took me upstairs. She laid back on the bed and I took her panties off exposing her shave *****. I took my time licking sucking and looking. I wanted to get a good look at what I was going to ****. It was not long until she was cummming so I positioned my self between her and eased my **** into her. The gasp she lets out ever time i enter her makes me want to ***. As I was getting ready to *** I leaned in to her and starting kissing her telling her how much I love ******* her. Once I finished in her I stayed in her until my **** feel out. I immediately went down on her and starting eating her ***** again. I rolled her over licked her clean and started licking her ***. Once she was loose I put a finger in her *** and started ******* her doggie style. She was screaming with pleasure as I came In her a second time this time while fingering her ***. After ******* we collapsed and just laid there naked in each others arms. We got dressed and I drove her to a park. There is a hill in this park that looks over a walking trail but in the summer is pretty isolated. We went up there and had a picnic and laid there enjoying the beautiful day. After a while sue started rubbing my **** and I just layed back to enjoy it. I felt her move thinking I may get a blow job but she straddled me and took my **** in her *****. What a beautiful time laying on this hill in the sun people walking around 50 yards away getting ****** by my sister in law. I think she knew I was getting close and she leaned forward and whispered "do I **** better then Cindy". I said yes. She started to go real slow and asked me again. She then went slower getting the the point just my tip was in her and said say it. I said looking in her eyes " you **** me better then Cindy". She quickly got her rythmn back and was ******* as I blew my third load of the day. She said she had to get back so she. could get cleaned up. We got back to her house around 2 and said she had to shower now or she wouldn't be able to before going out to dinner with her husband. I gave her a kiss and picked her up and put her on her kitchen island. She out up some resistance but it did not take long to get her to go with the flow. I lifted her sun dress pulled her panties off and kneeled between her legs. I started go in on her and could see her swollen ***** and smell the sweet musky smell of our previous **** sessions I ate her ***** for a while I a thinking at least three *******. She started pulling my hair up and just had the most lustful look in her eyes saying "**** ME!!". I rammed my **** into her not able to wait to fe her heat around me again. She did pull her dress off do I. Old see her boobs circle in rythmn with me. I was ******* her on her kitchen island where many snacks and meals have been served before but this was my favorite. I finally came in her for the fourth time. She did not have time to clean up and ended up going to dinner with her ***** fuckedcand full of my ***. She did text me at dinner and said thanks for a great birthday and I better be ready for mine.
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So HOT!!! Would you please add me...

wow add me please

You hope she gives you a great birthday gift. Always remember to give her a good ******* on her birthday

Wish I was your sister in law!

I would love to give you the same treatment on your birthday