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I Have ****** My Wifes Sister

It all started  a few years ago when my wife's sister became divorced. We started flirting with each other harmlessly and even in front of my wife. We all considered it good natured adult flirtation but not serious. That started to change xmas eve. Her only daughter stayed with her ex for xmas so we invited her to our xmas dinner. After dinner was over & the guests had left the drinks continued to flow as my wife and her sister polished off a bottle of wine & started in on some cap't morgans.I put our kids to bed and the 3 of us continued to drink.  By this time my wife & her sister were equally drunk from drinking since 2 pm. My sister in law invited my wife, me & our 2 kids up to the ski condo she was renting during february school vacay week as she said she would be alone for most of the week as her daughetr could only come during the first weekend as she couldn't miss any of her college classes.  We had been unable to make it the previous year due to one of my kids getting sick. While my wife was out of the living room my sister in law started to mention how her condo had a hot tub just outside her condo and how great it would be to go in it after a long day of skiing & drinking which was par for the course. We were sitting on the couch in front of my fireplace and she started getting touchy feely grabbing my thigh. My wife came back in & the 3 of us kinda snuggled together with my arms around each of them. My wifes sister in law's hands started to roam more freely as my wife leaned back & closed her eyes/passed out and she caressed my **** thru my jeans & I began to get hard. Nothing happened that night as they both pretty much crashed.

 We arrived at the condo late on the first night of the vacation week-Saturday- and my neice was leaving the next day. That night everyone got in the hot tub including the kids so it was PG rated. All the girls wore bikinis that were not very revealing but showed off all their assets. My sister in law was gifted in the breast department as she has at least D cups while my wife has B cups. We had joked after the kids went to bed that my wife had the Baby B's as her sister got the Double D's. Not much happened until monday night.  After skiing hard for 2 straight days I was beat as was my wife. We had the usual apres ski drinks before dinner monday night and some more after. My wife went to bed when the kids did kind of early & leaving me with her sister in law. We had a a drink and she asked me if I wanted to get in the tub to relax. I was planning on this anyway as a way to massage my sore legs before going to sleep. I made us drinks while she got in the tub and when I got to the patio she was already in. I told her I had to get my suit on & she said I didn't have to as the kids were in bed and she didn't have hers on anyway. I was a little shocked but not shy & ******** down & jumped in. I could feel the sexual energy in the cold night air. i asked her if her legs were feeling as tired as mine & she replied no as she had been skiing all winter. She moved closer to me as I asked this & began massaging my thighs which felt great combined with the jets & bubbles. I leaned back & let out a big sigh. She continued her massaging & soon had my **** in her hands which opened my eyes & brought my head forward. I asked if she knew what she was doing & she said she certainly did. At this point I couldn't resist and went with the flow. I started to message her big **** as they popped above the water line as she drew herself closer to me. She leaned into me & started to lick my ear and stick her tounge in it and it gave me tingles down my spine. She whispered that she had been wanting to do this for a long time. I manged to move to the high lounge seat and she climbed on top of me & impaled herself on my ****. We ****** in the tub for a while until we both orgasmed, me deep inside her. The tub was getting real hot so I sat on the side & she came over & started sucking me until I was hard again. We switched positions & I ate her ***** which tasted exactly the same as her sisters until she came. I then bent her over & ****** her doggie style. I started to **** her really hard and we made more waves as the water crested over the sides. I was getting exhausted so I sat on the edge & she came over & I ***** ****** her until I came on her ****. We got out of the tub & I said to her that if she wanted more she would have to keep it quiet. She did and didn't & I'll tel that story next time.

Gyummy Gyummy 46-50, M 24 Responses Mar 8, 2010

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So HOT!!! Would you please add me...

Wow! Stumbled upon your story! That sounds like a great night!

what a hot story got me very aroused and hard

This story is ******' HOT, Babe! What do we have to do to get 'Part 2' out of you?

hmmmmmm bribe me? lol

Wait....I thought I already did... LOL!



So did your wife ever knew about this? Where's the second part, the part when you made a barbecue out of this ladies. You sexy bastard. teehee^^

You'll have to see part two or an addendum to this story coming soon

Liked comments by Ladyryan !

Oh! =P

Thanks for sharing your experience Gyummy.<br />
<br />
Your experience sounds familiar (see my similar experience). There's something about sister-in-laws and hot tubs. Our hot tub draws my wife's sister like a moth to a flame. <br />
<br />
It's been a year since this posting. I know stars have to align perfectly for any similar follow up experience but the sexual tension is there. Have you've gotten closer?

quite the opposite with the SIL!

Well done!

Omg you are a dark horse ~ I must remember to read my friends stories from way back too! <br />
So your replies kept saying that part 2 was coming soon .... I am off to see what the hell happened. <br />
BTW..... Hot story. You are a very sexually exciting man. So glad I am your friend and get to read all your hot stories. <br />
*skips away searching for part II*

part two is still coming, lol and thanks!

ahhh no no no ~ not good enough!

Great story, made me hard reading it. Please. Add as a friend, Thanks.

you're added, thanks for the comment

great story--do a follow up

I will soon, deleted your other comment they certainly are not what you calle them

Excellent story! I had an affair with my SIL a few years ago, I had gotten out of the shower, and was sitting in the recliner in my robe, my wife had gone to the store, she came over, got on her knees, started sucking my **** and climbed on top of me. Then a couple more times in the spare bedroom at night when she would come and visit. It was exciting I'll admit, but the guilt was killing me. I broke it off, and contemplated telling my wife, but I am sure that would not only ruin my marriage (however deserving) but it would also tear her family apart. It's really just not worth it. Neither my SIL or I ever mention it to ane another, in fact we rarely speak now, which is for the best.

Wow, looks like you made the right choice

Part 2 ?<br />
<br />
btw - when i come up that way to ski .. can i invite your sis-in-law to my condo ?

you can have her, different world now. part 2 coming

Love the story!

Hot story!!! Love to hear about how the wife found out and what she did...

Hot story. Does the wife join you and the SIL?

Very hot story!! You're a lucky guy to have such a hot SIL and an understanding wife. A ********* would be awesome! Looking forward to the next installment....thanks for sharing.

See my experience wish for tryst with sis. I'd need the ok from my wife. Not sure I could trust sis keeping it quiet forever. In any case, it would be hotter if my wife watched or joined!

Great story! This prompts an old encounter when I was dating a 19 y/o... I was 30 or so.. Leaving the girls bedroom down the hall I was summoned to the master bedroom where her mother was. Sadly I passed on the opportunity to do the mother/daughter feat! Bill

I'd like to hear the rest of the story. I have 3 sisters and I would not be amused if my husband had sex with one of them. Maybe your wife is more easy going than that.

Aly, <br />
The wife knows and I'll relate the story when I have time.

Now that's a story I'd love to hear!

You're fortunate! I got caught!!!

Nice story, lets hear the rest of what come next.