At The Bar

I was out with some friends, and they were all drinking but I was the designated driver so I was just having soda. Anyway, they were getting ridiculous so I went outside for some air. There were a few other people hanging out so we all started talking and laughing. After a while it was just me and this guy and this girl. Anyway, he said, "Don't take this the wrong way, but I think you're hot." And I said, "Don't take this the wrong way, but I would **** you right here right now." He was like, "Whoah." And the girl he was with said, "Can I watch?" And they were both laughing so I said "Oh I'm serious. See how wet my ***** is and see if I'm not." And this is where it got a little interesting because the girl said, "I wanna see" and *she* came over and stuck her hand up my dress and slid a finger under my panties. And she said, "I've never been with a girl before."

So I kissed her and we're making out up against the wall outside and she's fingering me (and doing a pretty good job, actually). One of my friends comes out *drunk off his **** and starts watching us too. It seems like this girl is really into it and that she likes that we're being watched. So I reach up and start to unbutton her shirt, and she doesn't stop me, so I do another button until her shirt is all the way open. I just slide her bra out, and OMFG she has *gorgeous* ****. So I have to get that in my mouth because the only thing better than sucking **** is having my **** sucked.

Anyway, a couple of other people have come out and are watching, and my friend says, "Damn, this is like girls gone wild live or some ****." That's when the girl noticed how many people were watching and she got shy and pulled away and covered up.

At this point, she's got me totally worked up, I mean, that was pretty hot, so I'm thinking I really need to get laid. But then, I really have to drive everybody home, too. So I figure I''m just going to have to take care of myself later. My friend says everybody is ready to leave, so I start to walk into the bar, when the first guy says, "Hey, what happened to you would **** me right here right now?"

I said, "Your friend beat you to it." And she starts laughing hard, and he's like, "What the ****?! That's not funny." And my friend says, "Oh its a little bit funny." Anyway, I got everybody home safe, and yes I was still horny and so I had to get out my little battery powered friend. :)
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7 Responses Jul 23, 2010

If I was there I would have took u the first time it was offered. There n now.

That's very hot, so sad nobody helped you getting ****** when you was so worked up.

Cool ! a sexy hot funny story ! good job . You are naughty and sexy and funny ! great combination ! xo

Damn, that was very hot.

you are one hot sexy babe. :)

Just an amazing story. I love how sexy and sexual you are. Thanks for sharing it with us.

You really are a Hot one!