Discovering My Son Wants Me

When my son left for university back in September 2011 the following days was spent clearing up the mess he'd left behind in his bedroom. I came across a diary of that year which he'd forgotten to take with him and I just couldn't help but leaf through it.
Among the usual entries of homework, appointments and girlfriends there were entries about me. These entries started as far back as January basically commenting on how 'hot' i looked, what I was wearing, what mood i was in, how pretty I looked! As i read through the summer months it seemed his interest in me rose to a higher level with entries of me 'walking round the house in my underwear'. I couldn't believe what i was reading! There was an entry in August when he came home late after a night out and my husband was on a night shift and he sat by mey bed as i slept and stroked my hair and face.
When he'd phone from Uni it would take on whole new meaning when he'd say he missed me. I grew quickly to take much comfort from his calls and wait them in anticipation now.
After reading his diary and getting over the shock I had to admit how aroused I was over the following weeks though I knew it was wrong. I tried to find websites only to discover how common the fantasy was for young males and how many had actually begun reelationships with their mothers! From those sites I graduated to sites where people came together to exchange stories and experiences of sibling/parental realtionships and suddenly i wasn't so judgmental or worried.
I logged onto my sons computer and found sites on Mom/son love that he'd been visiting for ages. When he came home for Christmas his gazes just went right to my core. I was nervous when we were alone. He'd offer to do back rubs as we watched Tv but the holiday was just too busy for me as any housewife/mum would tell you for anything else to happen. Ha! listen to me - anything else - as if I wanted more to happen!
Its still hard to comprehend - does my Son want me? or more importantly do i want him? I spend days thinking about him and nights fantasising. When he calls I come over in goose bumps , his voice low and soft and tender and now I'm nervous as hell as half term approaches and I know he'll be back home.
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So has anything happened with your son yet. Or are you still lusting after him.

not nice reading others diaries, not sure you'de be happy if it was ur's

I highly suggest you tell him you know and see where it goes from there, your both adults, there is no harm in exploring the love between mother and son. I bet you will make him happy as can be and in return he will do everything in his power to make you extremely happy.

you are both Adults i would go for it

I think he wants u as much as u want him too

You sound like a wonderful mom and I hope you get to enjoy what you want! Keep us updated!!

your son is so lucky to have a lovely sexy mother,and I hope you and he get together and have some "fun" when he next comes home.

Exciting story!

You wouldn't mind if you had sex with him , otherwise you would had pushed him away .

Tracey, thanks and I read through your experience/fantasy with interest and till the last word. I must say that you have made it very interesting. Whether u and he both want each other in reality will be better known to both of you but I do wish you all the happiness that you desire. Taboos have no meanings, the life has..Keep this in mind and live it up .. You are a HOT WOMAN

well its an ****** and you know what if it happens it will never stop and im sure the moment you do it will not stop

ihope its just fantasy,its so wrong on so many levels,find your self a young lad not related,

And? Can we have an update ? xx

best to follow my blog - x

As of today 6-8-2012, there is nothing in your blog. Is this a friends only blog?

Could be dangerous!!

even more horny after that story, your profile pic is beautiful so i can see why he is attracted to you. call him out on it and ask if he really feels that way about you then decide if you would like to make his day.

As a grown male with a similiar attraction towards his own mother, i have tried numerous ways, and i would love to form such an intimate and passionate relationship with my mother

looking forward to an update some time I would love to know how it ends

@ladyryan and you sound like prude

You should be the model of chaste, of pure thoughts. And not of ******. You've made your son think of this YUKKY thoughts for you. Instead of teaching him what how to find a nice lady in decent thoughts. She will find a girl to marry and have children to have sex with your grandchildren, their own son. <br />
How is that ? That is how I feel now with the story you've posted. Acting like a highschool mother. Waiting to be babied by this monsters.

In America it's called ****** and is illegal. Did you serach countries were it is basic behaviour?

Even though I think this subject to be taboo, I just want to say I love your all writing, muses and reflections.... Keep them coming... And by the way, you sound so ******* hot! ;-) x

hahaha thankyou - you're sweet xox

Can I ask, would you really go all the way with your own son? or is it just fantasy? x0x

TRacy just ignor the previouspost by BrotheroftheLeavZ he jusst envus of your realtionship with your son. and does not understand what beautiful bounding and suportive relationship you just <br />
enter into or about to enter into with your son a relationship the two of you will charish <br />
for the rest of your lives.<br />
<br />
And by the way how did it go between you and your son yeaterday the last thing you osted<br />
was you were heading down stairs to join your son as he was watching TV and do as i sugjested.<br />
Soplease updates us .

Well to me you have answer both of those questions i'm sure you have maturbated countless times and he has too! Now all you have to do is acept his advances with some of your own and watch what happens and don't be afraid! You are both adults so there is nothing wrong with family love i hope it happen and i know you do too!

Tracy leave note in my inbox if you want to know what i think you should next.<br />
because i tried post a comment to your story but the staff at exsperience.<br />
because what i wrote was in voilation of their terms of membership.<br />
and what i think you should do the first oppertunity you to have with the <br />
person which the subject mater of you above story is take on romantic dinner date.

I agree with the other two comments - see what happens and not force it. But you can also encourage it as mentioned - next time he is there wear something suggestive but not aggressive. Let an opportunity open for him, or conversely for you. I like the low cut blouse idea - make sure he has a chance to get a real eyeful of you. Let him have a long look without you looking him in the eyes.Only do that after he has a good 30 second look at you. You will be able to tell after you see his eyes what to do next.

Let what happens happen - if you force it he may back away. Offer an almost innocent opportunity - a low cut blouse without a bra - something to maybe light his fuse and get it to keep burning.

I think both of you want each other and sooner you come out of denial better it will be. In my view just be original , be yourself and enjoy the beauty of natural instincts all will be positive I can assure you.