Mom Enjoyed Sex Bang

My mom is used to visit new shopping plazas and new ishopping centres. Once I was alongwith her when in one plaza we visited and shopped from first floors of that plaza then proceeded to the upper floors they were almost emplt with some old flats, there suddenly from one flat we saw few men who were of big muscular body and they were kindda very vulgar men , I saw that **** of one of the men was about 10 inches as it was errected I behind the mom , one of the man from them started rubbing his **** from one hand and his other hand was on his chest and he was looking mom deep inside , my mom is about 35 with phat *** nice boobs bit chubby body and extra hot body.....When mom saw those muscular men rubbing their **** and poining their ***** towards her from their flat mom started having pleasure and as I was behind her so she rubbed her hole for few moments then we cam back to home ……we stopped visiting new places for while but once mom said she’s going to her friends I was in doubt I followed her I saw that she again went to that floor and was walking in front of that floor , then one of those men , came outside in just underwears he spanked mom pressed her boobs and picked her up and took her in room there she was not even trying to resist infact she was feeling pleasure with fout long 9-14 inches **** errected around her he dropped mom in their bed one of those bought the bottle of oil, mom put blanket on her 2 of he large bodied men entered in bed I saw firstly the shalwar of mom coming out then it was her shirt then her black bra and black underwear they wasted no time in getting themselves undressed then I saw one was licking mom from front ,2nd was felling her *** from behind 3rd climbed on her and make her suck his 9 inch long **** and 4th one was licking her ***** up . All 4 of them were hairy and mom was enjoying them then turn by turn they enjoyed her parts then one of them started banging her from front and 2nd started giving her jerks from behin other 2 were making her suck their **** and was preesing her breast and was sucking her boobs again turn by turn they banged her from front and behind after 1 r they oiled the full body of mom and oiled themselves too ……now they were ******* ,banging and ******* her like the she wanted and her screams were coming out of flat but none was even in the full floor…………..they continued enjoying her for total 3 hours their 9-12 inched ***** had fully ****** mom’s vagina now all of them were oiled and laid over my oiled mom with mouth …….the all before going to sleep cumed on her full body including her body and the also ejected their pee on her then mom slept on 2 of them and 2 slept on mom they slept totally naked with oiled ,cumed and peed bodies of each other mom got totally satisfied with fout of them I dropped few money for them next day from below the door mom kept her hand on her vagina for a day as it was satisfied with giant and huge *****…….she is happy and so am I she gets satisfied with them and sometimes they also invite their more men to satisfy her properly through her body and her holes I am also satisfied seeing mom getting ****** the wasy she wants to……
haiderali782 haiderali782
18-21, M
Apr 10, 2013