The Format For My Self-help Venting.


My closest friends are all depressed and I hate all of them with a deep, fiery passion. Fuckem, they bring me down when I'm finally a little bit happy.

My neighbor is on death's door. Fuckim, he's couldn't take care of himself.

My family is falling into angry, tiny, fighting factions. Fuckem, if they don't know how to trust and care then they can scream and cry.

My libido is so non-existent that I think I only come on to women to use them because I'm bored. Fuckim, he's a stupid, horny little **** anyway.

The demons in my head are back. Fuckem, if they have nothing better to do with their worthless little lives, then they can go die.

My life is falling into tiny, stressed bits. Fuckit, i don't need to be happy to be happy.

My work is worthless. Fuckit, I don't need inflow.

My best friend on EP is a woman who is years older than me and hasn't talked to me in weeks. ****'er, she's probably depressed and crying and cutting because her life is ***, but she won't talk to me so I can't help her.

The people who know the most about me are people who I barely know because I can trust them with my horrible secrets. Fuckem, they won't tell anyone about how horrible of a person I am.

I'm a horrible, terrible, worthless soul, SO WHY THE **** AREN'T YOU ANY BETTER?

sharpenom sharpenom
18-21, M
Feb 16, 2010