Mass Exposed Fuel Rods

More you should know about whats happening at Fukushima.


I suppose there are still some people who have not heard about the catastrophe happening at the Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan. But that is going to change abruptly.

When the body of this story was written a couple of months ago, we were hearing from TEPCO, the company who own and manage the facility, that there had been three meltdowns! Just one would have been a matter deserving of grave concern... but three! It seemed that the worst had happened. But it hadn't... or actually it had happened already but was not talked about.


The explosion in reactor building number four [above] turned the reinforced concrete and steel walls into broken chunks that crumbled and fell. This exposed a large part of the inner works of the building, including the huge swimmingpool of coolant that was keeping 1,500 fuel rods -- some new and some with plutonium -- from self-igniting and exploding.

In the explosion that followed the earthquake, the pool itself was cracked and has been leaking water to the basement of the building, where it is pumped back up to the pool. The water levels have been low and the temperatures are climbing. And while this is going on, the structural integrity of the supports for the heavy storage pool (which also has a crushed crane resting on it) have been downgraded to zero. Anything could collapse the pool, at any time. The results of this event could eventually result in a mass extinctions in the Northern Hemisphere.

This is not science fiction or efforts to make people afraid. This problem is being attacked right now... or rather, it's NOT being attacked. No one is doing anything about it. They can't. It's too radioactive to even get near the site for even a short time. The coolant water not only keeps the radioactive fuel rods below their melting point but it also shields the rods from spewing lethal radiation.

Unlike the cinema, no one has yet even proposed assembling a team of experts, starring Bruce Willis and "Mister T", to save the planet. Short of Godzilla swimming up and eating the number four fuel storage pool, we're stuck with this looming danger for the next decade, perhaps even beyond. That is, of cource, if there's anyone still around.

You might expect that the US, whose West coast will be the first location (outside of Japan) to suffer from the collapse of the storage pool and subsequent radioactive fire, would be deeply concerned. The fact that they do not even talk about this problem openly is reason to suspect something bad looms in the conversations in secured rooms among those that should know.



Using my own brain, I figured that since the heavy pool is hanging up by a thread and there is no way for anyone to get close enough to repair it, it's going to eventually fall. This will ignite the uncooled rods and cause a burn. Highly radioactive material will be reduced to fine particles and drift in to the atmosphere and be carried by the winds, spreading mutations and death by cancer. Just one microscopic particle inside your body can do this. That is why it is so toxic.

But these things take time to manifest. The most constructive activity is to prepare for the hours or days immediately after the pool collapses. This is when the fire will rage and spread radioactive smoke into the jet stream. If you live near the coast, you will want to be hold up in a sealed room, preferably in a basement or cellar, and careful not to let any dust get inside this room. You will need enough water and food for a couple of days, or longer.

Or, if you are one of the special folks, you can be driven to your underground lodge.

It's no joke and we are not exaggerating. Keep an eye on the news and special web sites and get prepared. We need the A-Team more than ever.


lafsnack lafsnack
51-55, M
May 8, 2012