Three Meltdowns Confirmed


Remember the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan? I know, it was many months ago. It was in the news briefly back in March and April (2011) when it first happened. But then it faded away until you hardly even think about it.

On December 16, 2011, the Japanese government announced that the crisis was "officially ended", despite not knowing where the fuel of the reactors has gone! Scientific criticism was immediate and harsh for both the Japanese government and TEPCO, who have been accused of giving misleading reports of the crisis since the explosions and melt-downs in three of their reactors. The statement was meant to placate the suffering population surrounding the coastal region of Fukushima, but to the outside world, it is total BS.

While we have been distracted by our own financial woes and the bewildering OCCUPY phenomenon, a mixture of uranium and plutonium -- not all from nuclear fuel [see The Bad Fruit] -- has been melting its way through the containment chambers and is now down in the earth. The situation is so bad it's the stuff of science fiction movies and goes by the name "The China Syndrome."

So what? The China Syndrome is an on-going process where the molten fuel melts its way through terra firma until it hits the natural water table, at which point it explodes as water expands to steam -- all of it highly radioactive -- and erupts like a toxic volcano, spreading plutonium and uranium particles everywhere.

And did I mention that there is not just one China Syndrome -- there are three!

When even one of these explosions rips open the earth in Japan, the entire Northern Hemisphere (to begin with) will be contaminated. Yes, it will get you and I for sure.

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