From The Harou's Mouth


Architect of Fukushima Daiichi's Reactor No. 3, Uehara Haruo [right], the former president of Saga University, admitted that Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s explanation of nuclear events does not make sense and that the China Syndrome is inevitable.

"Considering... months have passed since March 11th [2011] without any improvement, it is inevitable that melted fuel went out of the container vessel and sank underground, which is called the China syndrome.

If fuel has reached an underground water vein, it will cause contamination of underground water, as well as soil contamination and sea contamination. Moreover, if the underground water vein continues to be heated for long time, a massive hydrovolcanic explosion can be caused." -- Harou

Harou is also warning that there is significant and substantial radioactive debris -- some with long-lasting and high energetics -- that has been entering the Pacific Ocean. This actually poses a greater long-term problem as it will enter the marine food chain on a global scale.

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May 8, 2012