The Bad Fruit

by Dan Eden

"A tree is identified by its fruit. Figs are never gathered from thornbushes, and grapes are not picked from bramble bushes." -Luke 6:44


I'm going to tell you something that should make you very angry. I say -- should -- because what will likely happen is that you will decide to deal with this information by dismissing it as a "conspiracy theory" or you will soon become distracted by some other sensational news.

Sadly, the news media have made us all numb to the evils that go on around us. We see the faces and events on the displays in our homes, but they could just as well be actors in some global reality show. We have been conditioned -- anesthetized -- to squint our eyes and recede into our own private reality.

Meanwhile, some wide awake people are working hard to literally annihilate you and I. They are the bad trees and what you're about to read is an example of their "fruit".

In the early days of September 2011, two respected journalists, Yoichi Shimatsu [below] and Wayne Madsen [bottom of page] came out with a story that should spark outrage around the globe.

The Messenger:

Yoichi Shimatsu is a free lance journalist based in Hong Kong. He is former Editor of the Japan Times Weekly. Mr. Yoi is a former Tsinghua University lecturer. He's also Senior Advisor to The 4th Media, the English Website of the April Media Group. He's been regularly writing to several global media outlets including US, China and so on. He's been frequently sitting on CCTV News, Blue Ocean Network TV and other global media outlets in China, Hong Kong and other countries.

The Message:

The story we are reporting was first posted on -- a web site known for conspiracy theories and controversial stories (which, more often than not, turn out to be true). Much of the story relied on sources that were not provided in the original article and would be unfamiliar to the ordinary person. We will attempt to show this material in context and validate (or not) the excellent reporting by Yoichi Shimatsu.

I encourage readers to take part in this story by finding facts to either support or debunk these horrific series of events.

The article continues with details that you are encouraged to read for yourself. I've put together a timeline with supporting documents to make the story more real to you. But first...

The Cast of Characters

We'll explore what we know about various entities involved with this story.

The Pantex Nuclear Facility -- where the outdated nuclear warheads were stored and then moved to the Port of Houston in the middle of a disabling strike at the facility by guards and security workers.

  • Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe -- who sought nuclear weapons for his country, contrary to Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, as a rightful member of the strategic Pacific "Quad". [more]

  • Vice President **** Cheney -- who helped broker the transfer in return for Japan's involvement with the Quadrilateral Alliance, designed to check China's Pacific influence.

  • President George W. Bush -- who formalized the deal at a private meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Abe at Camp David.

  • Israel -- whose state owned global shipping company, Zim, took the warheads at the Port of Houston and subsequently negotiated payment with the Japanese in return for "leftovers" -- very old warheads needing core replenishment -- from the 16 ton Pantex haul.

  • The Stuxnet Virus -- designed by the US and Israel for Iran's centrifuges, infected the computer system (Seimens) used by Fukushima-I and delayed opening emergency coolant valves immediately after the earthquake. This caused the recharging warhead cores ("pits") stored there to overheat and explode. How did the Israeli's accomplish this -- no problem. Magna BSP, an Israeli company, was in charge of the security at Fukushima! [source]

  • "Tony" Carnaby -- the CIA contractor who knew about the radioactive shipment at Port Houston, was gunned down in an "accident" that most people think was set up by Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency.

  • The Minot Nuclear Incident -- also happened in 2007. Several live warheads were "accidentally" mounted on an unguarded B-52 and flown over the US. It's not clear why they were moved or where they were destined. They were spotted by some airmen on the tarmac who alerted high command and secured them. Written off as a "misunderstanding" of orders, within one week 7 military personnel who loaded and flew the B-52 all died of "accidents" on and off the base.

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