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I enjoy wearing full cut brief nylon panties. I have worn nylon panties for many years and enjoy shopping for them. I like to go to Sears or J C Penney's and look in the clearance box in the intimate apparel section for different colored full brief nylon panties. They feel wonderful and so feminine.
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I have many pairs of Vanity Fair briefs and they are lovely to look at and to wear. Lately, I have been buying Carole nylon and cotton panties at Beall's in Florida. What I like about the Carole panties is that they have a much wider gusset than the VF's and a studier elastic that tends to sit nicer on my belly over my navel and rolls less. I like the feel of the elastic around and between my legs. They make a nice lace trimmed Antron full cut brief as well and I will perhaps buy one size larger than I have in the past because the waist tends to roll. They show a lovely lacey visible panty line through light trousers which is a delight to me, knowing the girls at work can see it. My favourite full brief was BALI's FreeForm which is no longer made. Carole's are the next best thing.

I love the feel of nylon!

All good places to shop for VF briefs!

My favorite are the vintage pettie pants. Their just like wearing a half slip but fit much better under pants than a slip would.

Panty shopping is always so exciting for me. Sears in Canada still sell wonderful silky full cut panties and what a joy to just wander through the lingerie section...and especially the panties. I just love the soft fabrics, the soft colors and a little lace. I do find shopping at thrift stores even more exciting as I can often find nighties and slips...and sometimes....panties. Beautiful treasures and what a joy to return home and try on these wonderful finds and to experience the joy of feeling the sensual excitement of putting on silky feminine lingerie, especially silky full cut panties.

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

As I have told you about Target's policy, as a friendly store, I should point out that I bought several pairs of Granny Panties at Big W. I don't think that they are as "friendly" as Target but I did have a nice talk to a lady customer about the slips they were selling. I had asked if she had seen any that were on display, rather than packaged. She told me she had not but went on to tell me that she had bought slips there and was about to buy more. She even opened a package in her size (which she ended up buying) and allowed me to see and feel the material. I was Amazed. It seems that there are some understanding women out there. I actually think that she was a little curious about me, as this would not have been a common encounter for her either. The staff were far less helpful.

Michelle xx

It's nice when the ladies help you. Thanks for sharing.

I think you'll find it a lot better, if you ask for help with Your size and shape.

The term Granny panties cracks me up, it's the only ones I like to wear ,I tried thongs once and they are not for me I also don't care for high rise panties, I like the full briefs. As far as shopping I just walk in and pick out what I want. Recently I was checking out at Walmart and when the cashier asked if a bra was part of my purchases, I told him yes, been doing this for too many years to care what people who I don't know think

Good for you Wendy.

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