I Love Wearing Full Cut Panties

I so love to wear full cut nylon panties. I love the feel and the wide range of colors.    I've also seen Hanes full cut panties in polyester too.  Bought several (they were packaged two pair in the package) to try them.  Once I put them on they felt wonderful.  I found them at a close out store so went back and bought more because once something is gone you may never see them again.

I also looked for the Hanes polyester full cut panties at the Bali, Playtex, Hanes outlet store and did not find them.  One Hane Place also sends out a catalog and I checked the catalog but did not find them in their catalog.  Perhaps, the panties were not a big seller and were being discontinued.  Could be why they were in the close out store.

I've always loved wearing the full cut brief style.  At Lady Grace I found a high waist brief style of panties and decided to try them.  They felt wonderful.  Catherines has their own high waist brief style annd along the leg openings have a fabric that is intended to stay in place.

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Full cut Panties..always for me...as long as they feel silky. I love acetate panties too..vintage,,but so silky.

Hi Brenda, I agree with you.

I love to wear VF briefs and a bra.

Hi CindyLinda, VF panties are great and I love wearing bras to.