Full Hd Car Cameras On Mystore365.com

Full HD Car cameras are more and more used by drivers, do you know why? because there are many accidents happened while driving. most of time, it was not the drivers' fault, however, if the accident really happened, and you don't have any evidence if your car without a car camera. So drivers have resorted to using in car cameras to capture some evidence which is necessary. A video recorder camera has many fuctions.

Maybe you like make video, It can record actions every second every moment. This video recorder camera can offer key information in the unfortunate event, where it is usually hard to distinguish which part is the evidence. This F900LHD 1080P 2.5″ full HD car camera is a tachograph. it can record clear pcitures, It is ultra-small size and easy for you to carry and operate. The screen is 2.5-inch TFT LCD high-definition display screens. You can take photographs easily on various occasions. It has advantages of four-times digital zoom, day and night mode switching function and automatic exposure control super-bright light feature. You can capture an ideal screen by the preview of the monitor. It Supports high-capacity memory card TF (SDHC).

It has minute size and a perfect modular design of bugeye lens with 180-degree rotary tape. And it also has high definition of 130-degree and the display screen of 270-degree rotary tape, which is more convenient to capture and record the high definition videos from a wide angle in various occasions. All right, if you want to know more details, please visit mystore365, there are more reference on mytore365.com. Here have more products you will like it.
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Dec 7, 2012