Worst Music Video Ever

Simply type "worst music video ever" in the search box and you're in for a real treat! My personal favorite of that lot is the first one, which is "Wanna Love You Tender" by these Finnish singers named Armi and Danny. The choreography is well-done but absolutely hilarious! I also like the Japanese one--it looks like it is on crack.

Another good one is "fish eats duck." You have to look closely though or you won't see the fish eat the duck!

Other good ones:

"giant exploding whale"

"gabba gabba party in my tummy"

dancer2011 dancer2011
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2 Responses Sep 20, 2008

I like the blooduh one...it's this little kid who sees blood on his baby bro and is trying to tell his dad...the best!

I LOVE gabba gabba party in my tummy. Haha.