The Girl At Walmart

Ok so let me first say that i knew exactly who she was as soon as i saw her. she used to bartend at a local bar i viseted alot and told me bout her tattol...
OK so i noticed she kept looking at me and so i kept looking at her. finaly she came up and said "i know you from somwhere i just dont know where " and i said " me to i just cant put my finger on it! " then i stoped and said " waite .....i dont mean to sound weird or anything but do you have a jack daniels tatoo on your ***? " she was like "yeeeeesssss.......why?" i said " i.....think .....i know ...wher i know you from" and walked away...her eyes got so big lol it was sooo funny ! ....and the funny part is that no we never slept together lol
davidshe2 davidshe2
26-30, M
May 7, 2012