Where Does ' This Root Idea Come From?'

am i a gardener, no

just a pervert -

as i pour creamer into my morning coffee i am reminded

of " Willie H. " his nickname - short of course for William

his line was always - not take a hike; or take a leap

rather; " Hug a RroootT !! " with a deep authoritative emphasis


my perversions want to chase your nimple with my lipps, tongue slobber

and flick it and then as that saying ' Anything more than a mouthful is a

Waste ' goes be greedy, very greedy take all you can into the mouth

turn on the Hoover, the Dyson - suck, chew, swallow the fun sack as

deep as possible Massage Her Chest Wall, nuzzle her ribs with your

Teeth - - yes a happy boi with a mouthful of AerolanRoots:

a lactation consultant's words:
Colostrum is the first milk your breasts produce during pregnancy. Most mothers don't even know it's there unless they leak a bit toward the end of the pregnancy. Your body starts making it about three to four months into pregnancy, and it may leak from your breasts while you're pregnant.

What colostrum lacks in volume it makes up for in power. Some people refer to colostrum as "high octane" milk. It's full of antibodies and immunoglobulins, which not only help protect newborns as they come into our world of bacteria and viruses, but also has a laxative effect that helps them expel the tarry first stools called meconium.

When you feed your baby colostrum, which may appear as clear fluid or be a deep golden color, it's as though you're giving him his first vaccination. Someone once estimated that if human colostrum could be commercially manufactured with all the same antibodies and immunoglobulins in it, it would cost somewhere around $80 an ounce.

so here's to you - Willie H. - always searching for a tasty drop

of Golden Nectar - open minded too - precum is just as nutritious

A Phone Psychic told me !! no really, i read it on a bathroom wall....

aerolanroots aerolanroots
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Jan 22, 2013