About To Become A Stepmom...is This For Me?

I've been with my fiance for a few years now. Great guy. Of course he has his faults, but as far as being a good person-he definitely is. We are currently living in the midwest. I moved for him actually-about 2 years ago. At first I really didn't see the reality of the situation. I was dumb and in love. I thought that love could conquer all. We are having difficulties now. Not sure if its because we can not move or because I want to, but I don't like living where we are now. I like nice things as well as a nice place to live.

I struggle with 2 major things. First- my fiance has some financial issues, so it's kind of wierd that I am basically taking home more in the end when he is the one with the bigger financial obligations. I feel that there is not a lot that he is really contributing. We got engaged not too long ago, and I am struggling with the fact that because of the kids I am going to have to sacrifice somewhat part of my dream wedding. This does not seem fair to me. To a certain extent I feel that i am being forced to support HIS kids in the end when it comes down to it. Secondly-1 of the 2 kids is a total brat!!! She is totally selfish and its getting to the point where I do not really enjoy being around her. I feel that it is really different if it IS your own kid. It's one thing if we have to sacrifice things for the joy of raising a child, but when she is a BIATCH it's hard to justify that.

My fiance wants me to really feel more of a sense of motherliness towards them, which the 1 I think I could if the other was not such a *****. I guess because of the situation I almost group them together to a certain extent. He sees it too-I know, but it's different because they are his little girls.

I am at my whits end, and almost contemplate calling off the engagement at times. So confused. Looking for some support, but I can't even talk to friends or family about it...help!!!
kimbetlinski kimbetlinski
Jul 12, 2010