Hi, My name is Anne, I', 36 years old and I have been a picky eater my hole life. I dont eat a big variety of foods...."texture and taste" are a big factor but the one I have the hardest time with is spagetty . I always gag on it. I go to great lenghts to eat alone because of my gag reflex. I've replaced spaggety for angel hair pasta and I boil it for 1min 30 sec....if I cook it for even 1 min longer the texture is all wrong and I trow up and then I loose my appetite completly and I end up not eating all day. My health concerns me because I am a mother of 2 boys I am 5 feet tall and weight 89 pounds. I eat just enough to survive. I do not enjoy eating like most feel more like a chore for me. I really want to beat this, I have joined other picky eating groups they help in the sence that I dont fell so alone with my problem but I have not been cured from this problem......I have had people suggest Hyppnosit or food specialist but I can not afford that kind of service, I really need help!

Thank you for letting me join this group. I look forward to reading other stories like mine.
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Perhaps you can make a list of the foods you do like, and the way they're cooked/prepared, and see what food categories are missing most from it, and what the parallels are. If you can rationally determine what exactly you like about the things you do manage to eat, you can find other foods with the same properties and try to widen our food-interests like that.
My boyfriend's a really picky eater too, no steamed nothing, no fish, barely eats enough to survive... I helped him use the list technique and now he eats a lot more already.

Also, if you have such a consequent problem with food, perhaps you should play psychologist to yourself and analyze why it is that you dislike it. Is it food, food in general, is it eating, swallowing, tasting, the scent of food, the thought of getting thicker, the thought of digesting...? I've been incarcerated often enough to hear of the strangest dislikes, it's not something to be ashamed of.

Hope you'll get better!