I have always loved seeing women and girls with handkerchiefs. There were a lot of them when I was little. I was drawn to them and would hope to see them use one. Then I found out they could be tied over mouths or between teeth from watching television. I wanted to gag the women and girls with their handkerchiefs and have them gag me.

My teacher was the first to gag me. I was talking in class and she walked to my desk. She took her handkerchief out of her sleeve and folded it into a 3" wide band and tied it over my mouth. I sat quietly for the rest of the day. When school was over she dismissed the rest of the class and told me to come to her desk. She removed the gag and smoothed out her handkerchief on her desk as she talked to me. She said that I had been disruptive to her class which was unfair to her and the rest of the class. She said that gagging me worked and she would do it whenever I could not control my talking in class. I apologized and said I would try harder. I did try, but I also loved being gagged by her. She started using more than one handkerchief and had them ready for use. Beside the usual one in her sleeve, she started keeping one in her waistband and one in her bra strap.

I asked my mother if she could buy me some handkerchiefs. She was happy to, but insisted that I always carry one with me and use it. I agreed and soon began gagging myself in my room. I then started looking at myself gagged in the mirror. I pretended that I had been captured by a woman or girl I knew or had seen. I stuffed one handkerchief in my mouth and tied it in with another between my teeth. Eventually I added a third handkerchief tied over my mouth. I held my hands together behind my back and screamed into the gag. Eventually I ******** to my underpants for gag games. I tried to tie my hands behind with rope, but it didn't seem real enough.

One day my mother walked by my door while I was playing. She heard me making gagged noises and opened the door. She was surprised and I turned red. She looked me over and said since I liked it I could stay like this for a while. She retied my hands and led me to the kitchen where she could keep an eye on me. She sat me in a chair, then tied my ankles together and under the chair to my hands. Then she tied my waist to the chair and went about her work as I watched.

I play gag games with whoever I can with them being gagged or me. It depends who I am playing with how far we go. I love seeing women and girls gagged. Jennifer Beals in "Four Rooms" is a favorite.
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