My Trials With Gastric Bypass Surgery.

I am 9 years out from my surgery. 3 yrs ago I blew a hole in my stomach because my neurologist gave me a medicine that was high in aspirin after I told her I could not have it. I had to have emergency surgery and went septic my body started to shut down and I spent 1 week in icu and 3 weeks to in a reg room. All drs do not know about the surgery. I have been in pain management since 2009 cause the drs blamed everything on my weight. Not true I have 5 bulging discs in my neck and back. I have problems with my hips and legs. They have been giving me time released meds but they are not working. Percocets work the best but I need something long term to help my pain. Does anyone know if the 12 hours released med stay in my body long enough to work? Not many drs know about the surgery. I was at 348 when I was highest. I'm now between 126-146. Depends on the month. I need help please... I need the meds or I'm stuck in bed. Can anyone tell me if the time released meds work for us with the surgery?
Utahlady Utahlady
41-45, F
Jan 3, 2013