I Am Having Gastric Bypass Surgery January 23, 2013 I Am Scared To Death!

Hi, My name is Dana. I am 31 years old and I an scheduled to have Gastric Bypass surgery January 23, 2013 @ 11:15am. I am literally SCARED TO DEATH!! I do not want to die on the table. I do not want to have a blood clot and something go wrong where they can NOT bring me back to life!! I weigh 288 and I am 5'4 my life is MISERABLE..... I have SEVERE Sleep Apnea and high blood pressure. The doctor says I am borderline diabetic. I had the LAP BAND suregery on May 17th 2010. I did NOT do all what I was suppose to do... LACK of MOTIVATION and financial strain.... the fills for the Lap band were $250.00 each 6-8 weeks. I am on social security disability and when you live pay check to paycheck you can just give out 250 bucks so therefore I got one fill and did not come back for a second one for 8 months. The day of surgery with the Lap Band I was 286 pounds the lowest weight I got to was 239..... I was looking better but it was still not enough for my short body... I needed to lose more weight. I finally went in and got the Doctor to reduce my fills to 100.00 after showing him bills and rent and car notes that I could not afford 250.00 I came in for a fill and for over 45 minutes he searched and searched to find the right space on my port to put in fluid.... HE COULD NOT FIND MY PORT.... I was poked and poked over 15 times... this was a terrible experience.. finally after making me stand up after an hour and trying it that way he found it.. he injected the need and pulled out all my fluid which made my band empty.. then he told me opps... I didnt mean to do that.... My heart rate was up and I was so upset I left and just never came back...... so therefore .. I now have a band in me that is empty and I can eat any and EVERYTHING around!! To make matter worse I got food poisiong at a casino in Las Vegas in December and vomited for over 2 hours off and on..... and my stomach was in EXTREME pain.. when I had an upper GI performed a few weeks later they said my band had slipped and was broken and it needed to be removed..... we decied to have the Gastric Bypass in addition to the band removal all in one surgery.... after all these problems I dont want to die on the table from a blood clot or something else.. PLEASE OH PLEASE SOMEONE TALK TO ME AND CALM ME DOWN!! I AM NOT DOING WELL RIGHT NOW.....
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I had gastic bypass surgery January 21, 2014. Wondered how you are doing now.

You did not mention anything about having children. If you do, I would say absolutely do not do this. I have a friend with 4 children. Her surgery was in Nov. They thought she was going to die the following week. Luckily, she did not. She was able to get home to be with her family for only 4 days at Christmas time and she was Mercy flighted back to the hospital where she remains in critical condition, after they had to remove the rest of her stomach. If she does live she will not be able to eat real food for the rest of her life. She will not be able to work, and require alot of medical attention for years to come. Please, please, please make sure you have looked at every other option. Try cutting back, drinking lots of water, talk to a professional about your feelings about food. I know people that have had success with this, I know people who have lost and then gained most of it back, I know two people that have died from it, the one above is still fighting for her life. Also, I just learned of another friend who just had the surgery days ago and is not doing well. From the people I know that have had this, the success rate is 0 for long term. You have to change the way you live and eat with this surgery, please make sure you save your life for your families sake and find the strength to diet and exercise on your own. Good luck in what ever journey you choose!! I send you my best as I too have struggled my whole life with weight and continue to just try and make the best food choices I can every day....ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!!!